Cardinals Attempt to Terrify Opposing Pitcher Backfires

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMay 12, 2010

PHOENIX - APRIL 19:  Starting pitcher Brad Penny #33 of the St. Louis Cardinals reacts against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the Major League Baseball game at Chase Field on April 19, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Cardinals defeated the Diamondbacks 4-2.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Brad Penny of the St. Louis Cardinals struggled through a rough stretch in the seventh inning, giving up four runs after what seemed to be a harmless, bases-empty error by shortstop Brendan Ryan.  Though the runs were technically unearned, it certainly appeared that Penny was rattled in some way. 

After studying the tape, it appears that the Cardinals sales staff thought they had planted the perfect weapon to distract opposing pitchers via their scrolling banner ads behind home plate…and it backfired.

Imagine looking at the mug in the top left corner while you’re trying to pitch to a Major League hitter…

Penny1 copy

Don’t try to escape it by looking the other way either.  He’s everywhere…

Penny2 copy

Either Six Flags is soon to debut a new Freddy Krueger ride or they’ve broken out the old freaky guy dancing to techno music as their mascot again.  Either way, he’ll be invading our nightmares.

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