Why Tim Tebow Is Already a Bust!

Brian KellyCorrespondent IMay 10, 2010

Where can I begin to explain my reasons of why Tim Tebow will be a bust. 

As everyone knows Tim Tebow was drafted by the young Josh McDaniels to the Denver Broncos. He was picked up in the first round with the overall pick of 25th. 

He was fortunate enough in college to play for arguably the best coach and team in the NCAA. The talent around him was not enough to convince me to jump on the band wagon, that was already full of 'faithful' fans. 

I mean come on, Florida set an all-time record with nine players being drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft. Which came from both sides of the field. 

The main points that bothered me in his college career was his throw. Also his jumping goal line toss over the O-line, and how he is not going to be able to out run NFL players. 

Jon Gruden  did work with Tebow to help reduce the amount of time it takes him to release the ball but it still looks like he is throwing a baseball and the defensive ends in the Pro's will literally strip that ball for a touchdown. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know he can work on that but how much can you really change him. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know he is a winner and everyone loves his passion. But when he is off praying in the locker room is he praying? Or is he simply writing the next script to the media to have his beloved band wagon fans continue to stay on.

He has linebacker speed with a 40 yard dash of 4.7, which will help him maneuver in the pocket but will not be able to outrun the backs in the league like he was able to do in college. 

I am truly excited to watch him attempt to jump near the goal-line and throw a pass to a receiver. I think even Albert Haynesworth will get his lazy butt up in the air to either knock the ball down or even intercept the amateur move. 

Kyle Orton will be number one for the whole year, if he remains healthy, and Notre Dames Brady Quinn with be the number two. Tim Tebow has a lot of work to do for him to even be considered a number two in the National Football League.