Monday Morning Headline Winner: CBS (Dallas Braden Perfect Game)

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMay 10, 2010

On Sunday afternoon, Oakland’s Dallas Braden pitched baseball’s 19th perfect hitter.  Pretty damn impressive.

What’s even more impressive is how many times you’ll hear some fact today about *just* how rare baseball perfect games are.  So, why don’t we go ahead and kick things off for you?  A perfect game occurs once in about every 11,000 major league contests.   Of course, with Braden’s this year (2010)….Mark Buehrle’s last year (2009)…and Randy Johnson’s in 2004, we’re patiently awaiting an explanation for the upswing.

As it pertains to sports headlines across the country, most went with the traditional “PERFECT”….or “27 Up, 27 Down”.  After all, since it doesn’t happen very often, headline writers get a pass on creativity.

But, kudos to – our Monday Morning Sports Headline winner – for highlighting the most intriguing aspect from this whole ordeal; Dallas Braden making Alex Rodriguez look like a complete and utter buffoon.


As most know by now, before his perfect game on Sunday, Braden was best known for his angered reaction to Rodriguez running/walking across “his” mound on April 22.  Part “unwritten rule” broken, part no one liking A-Rod.  It was a perfect storm.

The bickering continued last week as Rodriguez told reporters on Friday that he would no longer answer questions about the altercation because he didn’t want to extend Braden’s “extra 15 minutes of fame.”

Advantage, Braden…and advantage, CBS

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