Denver Broncos...Making The Right Moves?

Austin BarkerContributor IMay 9, 2010

With the Broncos having a hole that needs to be filled in, They have Drafted Demaryius Thomas. A 6'3". Demaryius Thomas in his 2009 College Year had 1,154 Yards out of a total of 46 Receptions. his avg. was 25 Yards per catch. The Denver Broncos have faith and trust in this young player to replace Marshalls gap left by his move to the Dolphins. His 10 1/2in. hands can pull down some amazing catches in college, But can they in the NFL with big hitters going for him? His Play making ability is what the Denver Broncos are looking forward to in the NFL.
  Eric Decker, Another 6'3" WR picked up by the Broncos out of the draft to possibly share the load with Thomas. Decker having a more consistant College Career is a good sign that he may transfer into the NFL Easier then Thomas. With the Broncos needing to pass it well this year neither one of these players should let him down. they both have good hands, and both have some play making ability.
  Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, and Jabar Gaffney didn't see as many passes as they wanted to last year. Royal Receiving half of the receptions he did in 2008 Signals that Gaffney is the Favored WR receiving 54 receptions. Stokley is the man I think they need to play more then Royal and Gaffney. in 2009 he only had a total receptions of 19 for 327 Yards. compared to both Gaffney and Royal they should of thrown it his way more often. Bronco fans can only hope that Josh McDaniels is not playing Favorites. with a WR core of players that can catch it and possibly open up a big play they need to learn how to balance the Receptions between Players.
  The Denver Broncos have a few new HB's that may be able to open up the run game thanks to the additions of the O-Line. one of the HB's I exspect to see get the ball is Lance Ball, he isn't the most impresive runner you'll see but he has a skill that is lacking in the running back core. Lance Ball is a Power runner with decent balance. Lance Ball is somone who I see them running to make D's fill the box.
  With the Denver Broncos making some changes all over the team the question everybody wants to know is who will be the #1 QB throwing at the start of the season. Some speculate Tebow will be traded, Other think it's Orton or Quin who will be Traded. I believe with Orton doing decent last year he will stay, and Quin will be traded to a team for a player on D. the question I am asking is, Do you think the Denver Broncos are going in the right direction? I believe they are making moves heading in the right direction, Picking up a Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas, along with O-Lineman that they need. They need to Focus on passing the ball effectivly, so they can open up the run game.