The Obsession With Winning Immediately Rather Than Over Time

Jacqueline KlimasCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

It seems that teams these days never want to put in the time. Rather than drafting players and letting them develop, teams seem to want to buy superstars and not worry about cultivating young talent.

First, look at the CC Sabathia trade.

The Brewers traded away promising young players to get the pitching giant because they want to be contenders in this year. They aren't thinking about the long term, about what these young players could do for the team 10 years down the road. 

They are only worried about getting to the World Series in 2008, and they aren't looking beyond that. Getting Sabathia seems to be the "quick fix" for the Brewers.

Then, there are the Hornets, signing former Boston Celtic James Posey. They traded their only pick in the draft, which could represent the chance to pick up a young player that could benefit them in a few years, for cash, which they used to purchase a free agent that would help them during the coming season. 

The Red Sox are the ones who do it right. They got Dustin Pedroia as a rookie and kept him in their feeder system until he was ready to join the big club. 

He went through a slump during the first month of the 2007 season, but Boston kept him in the rotation and gave him a chance. He proved himself with a home run during the World Series, a Rookie of the Year award, and an All-Star selection this year.

They also showed that they were willing to stand behind their players and wait out the bad times, in the hope that there would be better times in the future, especially with J.D. Drew. 

At the end of the last season, he was awful and everyone was making noises about getting rid of him. The Red Sox put in the time to groom him and improve his skills, and their time was rewarded with a great player who was not only MVP of the All-Star Game, but also has given the team the offense they have needed while David Ortiz is hurt.

Teams need to learn to wait out the bad times and not look for an instant star for the team. They should seek out new talent and suffer through bad times to reap good times in the long run.