Do The Dallas Cowboys Have Enough Balls to Go Around In 2010?

Richie ZawistowskiCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

I don’t think anyone can nitpick in regards to talent when it comes to Dallas getting Dez Bryant in the draft. Bryant was the most talented receiver in the draft and slid all the way to 24, where the Cowboys moved up three spots to select him.

Bryant comes into one of the most talented teams in the league in Dallas. A core of offensive skill players include Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Roy Williams, Pat Crayton, Tashard Choice, and Martellus Bennett.

The question for Dallas now becomes: Do the Cowboys have enough balls to go around to all their playmakers?

Let’s take a quick look at what to expect from the Dallas offense in 2010.

You figure with the selection of Bryant, Dallas is looking to run more of a pass-oriented offense, which I am a fan of. The “power run” approach failed miserably at times last year when Dallas was in short-yardage situations.

So let’s assume that, on average, Dallas is going to run the ball between 20-40 times per game depending on situations.

In the passing game, an estimate of 30-50 passes seems reasonable, for a total of 50-70 plays, which is average for your standard NFL game.

How are the Cowboys going to distribute the ball to their plethora of playmakers?

While it may be a “problem” if you'd like to call it that, it is a “problem” that every NFL team wants to have.

Let's first take a look at a proposed rushing situation.  Felix Jones will be taking over for Marion Barber as lead back, and if El Gato can stay healthy, he will make the Pro Bowl for sure.  He’s just too explosive not to make it in a more featured role.

Felix: 12-18
Marion: 6-12
Tashard: 2-8

The receiving side of things may be a bit more difficult.  Below are proposed targets, not receptions, for receivers and tight ends.

Witten:  8-10
Miles:  8-10
Dez:  4-8
Roy: 4-6
Felix/Barber/Choice: 2-5
Crayton: 2-5
Marty B: 2-4

These are just estimates, but you can never have too many good players on a team.  Certain defenses are going to take away certain options on offense in different games, and you need to be able to adjust with playmakers at multiple positions. 

The addition of Bryant is huge for Dallas simply because it gives the Cowboys a game-breaker in the slot to take pressure off Austin and Witten. Crayton has always been solid in the slot against zone coverage, but does not have the same ability as Bryant.

The Cowboys have plenty playmakers and are one of most talented teams in the league, but you can never have too many weapons.

Be sure that there will be enough to go around for everyone in 2010.