2010 NFL Draft Recap: Cowboys Select Dez Bryant, Win-Win For Dallas

Old AccountSenior Writer IApril 25, 2010

The New England Patriots has traded the 24th overall pick to the Dallas Cowboys. And with the 24th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Dez Bryant...wide receiver, Oklahoma St.

And then the NFL world was shocked. We knew there was a chance of Dez Bryant's stock falling to the late first round.

While the New England Patriots were drafting, it was a sure thing that Dez Bryant would slip to the Baltimore Ravens at the 25th overall pick.

Then, as promised, the Dallas Cowboys traded up to add another weapon for quarterback Tony Romo.

Jerry Jones has realized the huge disappointment he has in Roy Williams, who went from a star in Detroit to a bust who is collecting his paycheck.

Dez Bryant has the talent of a top 10 prospect, but the perception he has faced from the media brought him down immensely.

What I mean is, his actions were made out to be worse then they were. He made a mistake as a college kid, but surrounded by the veteran locker room of the Cowboys, he should turn out well.

When talking about his talent, I can't find anything that is a negative against this kid.

For a big receiver, his speed fits right into the offense of the Cowboys. Romo loves to throw the ball deep, and Bryant was known for doing plenty of those routes in college.

You also have to admire his physicality. Bryant's size makes him very tough to bring down, which leads him to be involved in plays of 20 or more yards.

The acquisition of Bryant helps all involved. Miles Austin did have a quiet end to his season, as the passing game became too predictable.

I think both Austin and Bryant can go for a deep pass, but can also be successful in the middle.

Speaking of the middle, Jason Witten can only build on his success in recent years.

Many thought the Cowboys were to quiet this offseason. But now with the acquisition of Bryant, Dallas should enter the season as the division favorites, and one of the contenders in the NFC.


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