What Can Omar Do to Assure a Mets Playoff Birth

Max ColtenCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

So Mets fans, Omar Minaya admitted it right before the All-Star break that the Mets need help.

That’s not to say that this team doesn't have the talent to win the division for the second time in three years, but lets face it, they need a true power hitter in the middle of that lineup— and both a starter and reliever to sure up the pitching staff.

Lets talk pop.

Adam Dunn is certainty an option, but who wants an outfielder that takes home run or strike out to a whole new level?

Some rumblings have surfaced that say the Mets could go after long time Met Killer Pat Burrell, but the Phillies are in no way, shape or form going to trade a bat to a rival.

Let me just clarify that Barry Bonds is not and option either.

He carries too much baggage and would likely disrupt the chemistry in the Mets clubhouse, which is the last thing they need.

The most likely outcome is that the Mets will continue to use the platoon of Endy Chavez, Fernando Tatis, and Damian Easley with supplements of Marlon Anderson, at least until Ryan Church returns.

Now, for starters.

Santana, Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey are definite members of the rotation through the end of the season.

Perez becomes a free agent and will likely leave looking for one or two starter money, but he won't get it from the Mets.

Pelfrey has certainly become a nice trading chip especially with winning his last two starts by pitching seven, then eight shutout innings and only allowing eight hits between the two starts.

The Mets could deal him, however it is very unlikely.

With the trading of C.C. Sabathia and Rich Harden in the weeks before the All-Star break, there is very little pitching left for the Mets to look for.

Joe Blanton is a possibility, Cliff Lee if the Indians completely shut down for this season, even a Brad Penny.

Look forward to seeing Johan, Maine, Mike, and Oliver to head the rotation with Pedro, El Duque and Claudio Vargas filling in.

Finally the bullpen.

Billy Wagner, Aaron Heilman, Duaner Sanchez, and Scott Schoenweiss will probably stick around.

The Mets could go after such a reliever like Brian Fuentes from Colorado or even an attempt at Jonathan Broxton, if the Dodgers fall out of the race.

Most likely, Omar will try a trade in this department, but it truly remains a mystery as to what he can get.