NFL Draft 2010: What Could Day Three Bring?

Paul PreibisiusAnalyst IApril 23, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 27: Offensive lineman Bruce Campbell of Maryland runs during practice drills during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 27, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

The conclusion of day two of the NFL draft could bring about some interesting potential for the San Diego Chargers.

San Diego holds the 110th overall pick in the draft from the Ryan Matthews trade and several interesting prospects still litter the field for San Diego to eyeball. 

Obviously a few will be snatched away by the teams drafting before San Diego, but with what is still a relatively early fourth round pick the Chargers could have access to several players who entered the draft with second-round aspirations.

Bruce Campbell stands out atop the list. A masterful combine had him plunging into possible first-round status before the reality of his inexperience set in and Campbell dropped quickly.

San Diego has a solid right tackle in Jeromey Clary whose solid technique helps to offset limited athleticism that will cap out his potential. 

Because of this, the team can afford to pick up an inexperienced project like Campbell, give him time to develop and potentially reap a lucrative benefit in from the mid-rounds.

Should the team wish to fill out their tight-end depth with another pass-catcher then Aaron Hernandez could make a nice fill-in that could supplant Pro Bowler Antonio Gates in another four to five years.

Nose tackle Cam Thomas slipped past Torrell Troup and Linval Joseph to give San Diego a 330-pound option at the zero-technique.

If an heir-apparent at corner is still on San Diego’s horizon than Dominique Franks and Donovan Warren are still waiting for that draft-day phone call, while Larry Asante could be the upgrade San Diego fans would like at the safety.

At wide receiver Carlton Mitchell has the size and tools San Diego’s offense loves, while Jacoby Ford may slip as far as round five and offer the team an outstanding slot-receiver option. 

The replacement of third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst is viewed by many as a distant consideration.  But with Dan Lefevour and Jarrette Brown available, San Diego may be able to secure a similar trade in three to four years, especially if Whitehurst can prove worth the investment in Seattle.

At this point it is simply throwing a rash of names against the wall to see who stays, but with so many second-round players having slipped this far, San Diego might just be able to make the least-publicized aspect of the Miami Dolphins trade a great boon.

It hurts to have lost that 40th overall pick that could have become someone like Terrence Cody, Carlos Dunlap or even Golden Tate, but slipping in a move that brings them up from 126 to 110 in round four may just be the subtle trick that makes the heavily debated trade a great overall deal.