The Day the Sports World Stands Still

Kip ArneyCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

Every year, it's the exact same day. No, not July 16. I'm talking about the day after the MLB All-Star game. The day where the sports-world stands still.

I hate today.

Nothing happens. No basketball, baseball, football, golf, or auto racing. Nothing.

I hate today because I don't know what to do with myself. Sports make the world go round. On-field sports that is. I don't want to hear more about Brett Favre. I don't care about the latest free-agent signings in the NBA or injuries in the NFL. How does that entertain me on this day?

All media outlets talk about on this day is what's going to happen in the future. The future? Yeah that's great for discussion, but it gets old and you can have that any day. But where's the action? Where's the excitement? Where's the drama?

Top-five stories on

1. Brett Favre saying he won't apply for reinstatement right away

2. Steroid distributor Kirk Radomski finding receipts about Roger Clemens

3. Padraig Harrington and the chances he'll play at the British Open

4. James Posey signing with the Hornets

5. Double-amputee sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, failing to qualify for the Olympics.

I'm sorry. Did I put you to sleep? I almost did just writing the list.

I heard the following topic thrown out on a local radio station and it made me question myself.

"Why do you follow sports?"

Some of the responses from the listeners revolved around answers containing the words and phrases such as:

"Camaraderie between fans."

"Watching people perform with unbelievable athletic ability."

"Having something to follow."

Me, personally? It gives me excitement.

Waking up every morning knowing something crazy is going happen that will have people talking at the water cooler in the office. During football season, there is never a weekend when you call up a friend and ask, "What do you want to do today?"

And if you do ask your self that question on a Saturday or a Sunday between August and February, just stop reading because you don't understand the passion that sports brings to millions.

Even looking at this from a local angle; I know the Mariners are terrible right now, but through the miracle of TV, Internet, and radio, there's other games that I can latch onto and get my ya-ya's from.

This crosses over to the fantasy sports world where people are forced to know more players on a bigger scale. This causes residents of Arizona who have Ryan Braun on their team to check the box score of the Brewers games every night because they have a little invested in that game, along with many others.

I firmly believe that fantasy players know more about the games all over the country. They know more about who did what on which night than those that choose not to participate in the ever-popular addiction. The key is to not get too involved and have more invested in your fantasy team than your team on the field.

I love sports because nothing else excites me and makes me rush home to find out who's done what. I can't do that with academics. I can't run home because I want to see what's new with the Civil War in my history textbook.

Newsflash: nothing's changed.

Politics are way too corrupt and full of lying hypocrites, at least locally here in Seattle, to make me want to give any of my energy towards them.

Reading, it'll always be there.

But sports, sports are the only subject where if you missed it, then you missed it.

Except for those who DVR the games or the game is shown on ESPN Classic. It's not like any team's '94 NBA season will be released on DVD with special audio commentary and a gag reel, like they do with pretty much every TV show or movie.

Sports bring people together, and it lets those who only have a favorite team in common be united for a brief period of time. Today, that won't happen.


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