Daffney Injured During Dark Match!

JC AugustineCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010



"Daffney was injured in a dark match tonight. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She will be ok. Will let you know updates once I confirm."
Dixie Carter Posted this on face book and twitter just now.

Daffney is a talent and crazy wrestler. She has shown great talent and is the first woman ever to take a "bump" on tacks or anything that hardcore on T.V. With the Knockouts division being so depleted after the recent releases of Traci Brooks, Awesome Kong, and Allisa Flash this could be a major problem for the current future of the only true woman’s wrestling on T.V. And no, WWE divas do not wrestle, they just look hot.


Daffney was wrestling with an indy talent Betsy Ruth. She botched a corner splash and hit Daffney hard. Daffney was motionless for several minutes and an ambulance was called and she is in a hospital at the moment.

Betsy is  is  allegedly Babe Ruth's granddaughter. She is also a student of the Team 3d academy and her website is her if you are interested in her. http://betsyruth.com/?page_id=2