A Belief in Colt Brennan that Cannot Be Shaken

P DizzleContributor IJuly 15, 2008

Colt Brennan signed his first contract yesterday. Four years worth about $1.8 million. Not too huge of a salary but still decent.

Just hours after signing his contract, Colt drove to Washington D.C. to meet with 5-year-old Joshua Miyazawa. Joshua underwent open-heart surgery in May to patch a hole in his atrial wall. He always listed Colt as his favorite athlete.

Miyazawa was in D.C. to play tee ball at the White House. When Colt heard about Joshua, he took it upon himself to have lunch with him and take time to make a 5-year-old kid's day who has already been through a lot.

...OK there so you're laughing at this and saying Colt sucks, so who cares you loser.

Second of all Colt is making about $450,000 a year...compared to a star QB it's not that big, but compared to the average American he's doing "just fine."

Colt Brennan still sucks!!! because...


No. 1, he got blown out and destroyed in the Sugar Bowl.

Yeah, you're totally right. PEYTON MANNING got blown out 42-17 in the Rose Bowl for his last college football game. Because of that he has never been any good in the NFL.


No. 2, he got picked in the sixth round and is basically worthless.

Again, you're totally right. TOM BRADY was picked in the sixth round by the Patriots and he never amounted to anything during his career.


No. 3, he's the third string QB and has no chance to start.

OMG, you're right again. TONY ROMO was the third string QB and was never ever able to work his way up the Cowboys depth chart and become the starter.


No. 4, he played at Hawaii, a crappy mid-major school.

Geez, what was I thinking? BEN ROETHLISBERGER (Miami Ohio), KURT WARNER (Northern Iowa), or JAKE DELHOMME (Louisiana-Lafayette) never had the ability to lead their teams to Super Bowls and become champions.


No. 5, he has lousy mechanics.

Ah, there we go. ELI MANNING never lead the Giants to the biggest upset in Super Bowl history because he was always criticized for having horrible mechanics.


No. 6, he plays with a gun slinging street ball attitude that won't work in the NFL.

Yeah, that stupid gun slinging attitude. That kind of football made sure BRETT FAVRE, the ultimate gunslinger, failed miserably in the NFL.


No. 7, he has no arm strength and can't zip it in the NFL.

Exactly right, perfect answer. JEFF GARCIA is a prime example of a weak arm QB. Without a cannon, he never led three different teams to the playoffs and became a pro bowler.


No. 8, he's a system QB.

Colt Brennan is a system QB? Really??? I hope so because the QB is SUPPOSED TO run the system well. He was overrated totally because of the system. His QB RATING (the ultimate measure of EFFICIENCY) of 186 in 2006 (the highest in NCAA history) means absolutely nothing.


No. 9, he never played a real team at Hawaii.

Oh yeah, Colt never played any good teams. Colt never played USC, ALABAMA, MICHIGAN STATE, PURDUE, WISCONSIN, OREGON STATE, WASHINGTON, BOISE STATE, ARIZONA STATE. You're right those teams aren't anybody.


Look, I'm not saying Colt will be the greatest QB to ever live in the NFL. All I'm saying is give the guy a chance. He's never played a down and people behind computers are saying that he's worthless. Grow up a little, have some class and let's just see what happens.

I believe in Colt because I saw firsthand what he did for an entire state. You simply judge him by the one single game you saw him play in which the entire UH football team was blown away. That game was lost at the line, not by Colt.



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