Have Car, Will Drive For Cash

An'dre TriplettCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

So, you're a professional athlete.  You've just been drafted to the league of your dreams and are playing at the highest level.  What should you do that most athletes don't? 

Hire a dang driver!

The recent arrest of the Jacksonville Jaguars' Matt Jones for drug possession made me think...why the heck didn't he hire a driver?

Athletes are putting themselves in difficult positions when it comes to driving.  Whether it be former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton, former Kansas City Chief, Bam Morris, or the infamous Portland Trailblazers, or as some called them back in the day, the "Jail"Blazers, the problem is the same for all parties, and that is they don't hire a driver.

When I was in college and may have had one to many adult beverages, I would either walk home or take a taxi.  Why can't these athletes do the same?  They have money at their disposal but choose to drive their cars intoxicated or in Matt Jones' case, sit in a parked car while allegedly chopping up cocaine in the drivers seat with a credit card.

Randy Moss allegedly tried to run over a police officer while still a Minnesota Viking and the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose was cited for driving 105mph.  Why the heck would you drive 105mph for unless you were drag racing?

These athletes stirred my entrepreneurial juices.  I started thinking that all these athletes could avoid this trouble if they hired me to be their driver.  I would have my agent, because every good driver needs a agent, negotiate a reasonable fee in exchange for reliable, police free, transportation to and from the destination of their choice. 

Should the athlete wish to engage in illegal activity, i.e, allegedly cut up cocaine, smoke marijuana, etc., it would be between myself and the "client".

If any athletes out there can hear, me, or hear, I'm just like the people on the off-ramps of freeways nationwide, I'm available for work anytime you need me.