Jerome Bettis Says Suspend Ben Roethlisberger, Two New Allegations Surface

J GatskieCorrespondent IApril 16, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 16: Former NFL player Jerome Bettis attends  the Jackie Robinson Foundation Annual Awards Dinner Chaired by Air Products on March 16, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The Jackie Robinson Foundation)
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Former Pittsburgh Steeler running back Jerome Bettis says that star Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger should be suspended for his latest brush with the law.

On March 5 of this year, Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault by a 20-year-old college student. The quarterback had been bar-hopping with several friends in the college town of Milledgeville, GA.

According to details released yesterday, the woman was allegedly dragged to a back room by bodyguard Ed Joyner. The woman was then followed into a bathroom, where Roethlisberger exposed himself to her. She reportedly told him to stop and that "this wasn't right," but Roethlisberger proceeded to have sex with her anyway.

According to the accuser's friends, Roethlisberger's bodyguards would not let them into the bathroom to retrieve their friend.

The bodyguards involved in the incident were Pennsylvania State Trooper Edward Joyner and Coraopolis Police Officer Anthony Barravecchio

After exhaustive interviews and inconclusive tests, plus a letter from the victim stating that she did not want to pursue charges, Ocmulgee Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright said no charges would be filed.

Now a third allegation of sexual misconduct has cropped up, as stated by attorney Harry Manion: "Six months ago I was retained by a client of mine and a close friend to investigate allegations against Ben Roethlisberger in a Las Vegas nightclub that were absolutely identical to this Georgia girl's story."

Manion then added: "The outcome was that the young woman did not want to proceed, and we did not take any action. There is a history here, and I can't say any further because we never proceeded with it, but there is a history here that is just super troubling."

During the GBI investigation a police report was passed to investigators that involved a woman in her early 20s. The report states that the woman drove an inebriated Roethlisberger home from a party and helped him into his bedroom. When she tried to leave, however, he slammed the door shut and pulled down his pants.

The report does not state when the alleged incident occurred.

A week later, Roethlisberger invited the woman to a party at his home, according to the police document. He showed her his new bed and asked her to lie down on it.

"During this, Roethlisberger was allegedly forceful with...and put his hand up...skirt. Eventually...was able to push Roethlisberger's hand away and...went to leave the residence. As she left, Roethlisberger allegedly became angry with..." the police report states.

Bettis has called for Roethlisberger to receive a two-game suspension. Roethlisberger met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this week and may face punishment from both the NFL and the Steelers. This punishment could come in the form of a fine and/or a suspension.

If any of these allegations are true, then Ben needs help before some other young lady gets hurt. If they are not, then he needs help with his impulse control.

Article update: Roethlisberger will not be charged for incident in Georgia however Goodell says he has violated NFL personal conduct code. Pittsburgh owner Rooney says he will suspend Roethlisberger as soon as Goodell rules.