Interview with Demetrius Byrd!

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If you’re looking for an inspirational story, look no further than Demetrius Byrd.

Riding high from a stellar college career with all the talent in the world, Byrd had his life changed when he suffered serious injuries just a week before the draft.

He went from a high- to mid-round prospect, to not even knowing if he can walk again.

Regardless of the circumstances, Byrd has worked hard in order to get his life back to normal.

After being released by the San Diego Chargers, he’s continuing to work on his body and mind in order to play for some team out there.

His ‘never quit’ attitude is an inspiring quality. He battles back this very day as he tries to live his dream.

Demetrius has opened up with fans, and myself, about what his life has been like over the past year. Take note of his work ethic, his determination and his drive to once again be not only an NFL wide receiver, but to be the Demetrius Byrd of old.

We should all take a page out of Demetrius’ book and appreciate the little things in life. Demetrius is a great man with an amazing story to tell, a true inspiration

BW: Taking you back to when you first started playing, who was your inspiration?

DB: Jerry Rice for football and Michael Jordan for basketball. Carl Lewis for track.

BW: Coming out of high school, you had the chance to go to Florida International but chose to go to Pearl River Community College instead. What was the decision making process there?

DB: What made me go to PRCC was I didn’t have the grades. Well, they were not good enough for Division-1. My first year playing football was 12th grade year.

BW: After Pearl River, you transferred to Louisiana State, where you finished with 72 catches for 1,134 yards and 11 touchdowns. How do you feel about your performance?

DB: Yea, it was a great time at LSU. I don’t like the senior year I put up in ‘08. I went through some things that year as far as football and it was very stressing to me.

BW: Unfortunately before the draft you had a pretty serious car accident. Do you feel you would have been drafted higher had it not been for the crash?

DB: Yes, without of a doubt I would have been a late 2nd round pick, but things happen for a reason. God brought too far to leave me alone. May 1, 2009 I could not even stand up on my own, I was in a wheel chair. Now I’m up, walking on my own on April 1, 2010. Almost 1 year later.

BW: How has the crash changed your life in a positive way?

DB: The crash changed me by letting me know that things can be taken away just that fast, so I live for the present time.

BW: How much work has it taken and how much are you still doing to get back into peak shape?

DB: Well how much work has it taken? Like over $100k hospital and doing therapy fees, that also runs about $50k just to help me get my motor skills going the way the were going before the brain trauma.

BW: How close to that level would you say you are?

DB: I’m not 100% yet, but I’m really close. I’m like 85%.

BW: You’re a free agent right now, have any teams had contact with you?

DB: Yea I’m a free agent now. Two teams chat it up with my agent. St. Louis Rams and New Orleans Saints. They told him they’re interested, but wanted to wait until after the 2010 NFL draft.

BW: If you could pick a team to play for, who would it be?

DB: If any team, it would be the St. Louis Rams. Because I play wide receiver and I think along with the wide outs they have there now, along with Steven Jackson, and the rumors of getting Sam Bradford with the #1 pick, we can bring back the greatest SHOW ON TURF.

BW: What is your self-assessment of your value as a wide receiver to any potential teams?

DB: My value to any team will be an unselfish wide receiver whose mind set is to win games. That and to get to the big dance and win that as well. Also being a clutch WR who causes mismatches with my speed and ability to catch the pig skin.

BW: What was the best advice given to you by a player or coach?

DB: Hmm, my head coach at PRCC, Coach Hatten, said I will be ok. The worse part is over. I could have died. He said to never give up on my dreams, God has my back.

Sharon Byrd said don’t block my blessings, he is setting me up for something major to have. That’s what my mom said also.

BW: Your battle back from something so serious is inspiring. What would you say to people trying to accomplish their goals in life?

DB: So to the people that are on a journey to do something positive, don’t give up, cause the Good Man Upstairs has your back big time.

If you followed my recovery and have something positive to say about Demetrius Byrd, you can say he is not giving up on his dreams.

I really want to thank Demetrius for this interview and opening up the way he did. He’s gone through something nobody should even imagine going through, and he’s getting better and better.

Thank you Demetrius.

Interview with Demetrius Byrd
By Brandon Williams

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