2010 NFL Mock Draft: Seven Round Seahawks Addition Version 2

Richard BowlerSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2010

SEATTLE - JANUARY 03:  Matt Hasselbeck #8 of the Seattle Seahawks passes during the game against the Tennessee Titans on January 3, 2010 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The biggest advantage of feed back, negative or positive, is that you can see different angles.  I got a lot of feed back the last time I did this and while mind wasn't changed I do see things in a different light.  In my almost obsessive pondering on the first round of the draft I have come to the conclusion that I am not a particular fan of the value of the players likely available a picks 6 and 14 from a Seahawks perspective.  The talent level on the team is appauling bringing me to the conclusion that, in the deepest draft ever, the Seahawks should attempt to trade down with one or both first round picks.  Now obviously the likely hood of the scenario I am about to lay out is highly unlikely but this is what I would like to do if I was the running team.


Pick 6(1)- Traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for picks 24, 37, 70 and 200- Contingent on Eric Berry being available.

Pick 14(1)- Traded to the San Diego Chargers for picks 28 and 40- Contingent on CJ Spiller being available.

Pick 24(1)- Charles Brown LT- Brown is a great athlete and would be a great fit for Seattle's zone blocking scheme.  This pick would fill the teams most glaring need.  Brown seems like an obvious fit for the system and with his ties to coach Carroll(even though that connection is not important to me).

Pick 28(1)- Maurkice Pouncey G/C- Pouncey is a versatile and athletic linemen. Some may question taking two offensive linemen in the first round but I firmly believe that the offensive line is paramount in building a franchise.

Pick 37(2) Traded to the Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall- Some people will think this move would be the height of stupidity and some will think it is brilliant.  To me it is a high risk high reward move that I would be willing to make in this praticular scenario.  Marshall is better then every receiver in this draft and is already familiar with the Seahawks new offense.  Brandon does not have any margin for error under the leagues conduct policy and would need to be signed to a substantial contract.  No question it is a big risk but Marshall is a top five wide receiver right now.

Pick 40(2) Ryan Matthews RB- Matthews is my favorite back in this draft.  He would be a great partner in the backfield for Justin Forsett and could carry the majority of the load if needed.  He possesses a good combo size and quickness and has had his best performances in big games.

Pick 60(2) Nate Allen S- Safety is a monster problem for the Seahawks and has been for some time.  Allen is solid tackler with good ball skills and is coming off of a monster year at South Florida.

Pick 70(3) Tyson Alualu DT- Alualu is solid all around player who can provide some interior pass rush.  Defensive tackle is not high on the priority list but the addition interior pressure would make everyone on this defense better.

Pick 104(4) Jacoby Ford WR/KR- Ford helps the Seahawks on two fronts. First, he is a superb return man which Seattle can use with Nate Burelson moving on and Justin Forsett's potentially expanded role in the offense.  Second he is a solid deep threat with great speed and quickness.  It has been reported that in High School Ford was clocked under 4.2 seconds in the forty yard dash.  Not sure who was in charge of the stop watch but that is extremely fast.

Pick 127(4) Anthony Dixon RB- Dixon is a powerful down hill runner that would be great in short yardage and goal line situations.  A backfiled of Forsett, Matthews and Dixon would be a formidable group with a great mix of skills.

Pick 133(5) Jevan Snead QB- No one hurt their draft stock more this year then Snead.  Despite a mediocre year Snead had at one point or another showed all of the tangible and intangible skills to be a successful pro QB.  I definetly like the by low value of Snead. 

Pick 139(5) Myron Rolle S- Few things anger me more then the people who try and use Rolle's intelligence as a negative.  The Rhodes Scholar is not some stereotypical one dimensional nerd he happens to be a very good football player as well. 

Pick 176(6) Jeff Byers G- I like Byers at this spot not because of his connection to Pete Carroll but for his fit with new O-Line coach Alex Gibbs.  Smart, athletic and versatile fit the system to a T.

Pick 200(6) Rafael Priest CB- Priest has a great combination of leadership skills and physical talent.  He has good size and strength for his position and is a good value at this point in the draft. 

Pick 245(7) Daniel Te`o-Nesheim DE- Daniel might lack elite physical skills but makes up for it with energy and effort.