Throwing Tomatoes: Four for No. 4...and More

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

This week’s tomatoes get delivered in four packs, in honor of No. 4 himself, Brett Favre. While the Favre saga is ongoing (and quite tomato-worthy), it certainly isn’t alone. Where do you direct your tomatoes this week?   

Throwing Tomatoes: Volume X   

The “Brett Favre Saga”...for getting more confusing by the day. 

This whole thing is getting a little out of hand. First, we hear about the text to Ted Thompson. Then the request for reinstatement. Next, Green Bay declines Favre’s release request. We hear rumors of Favre being a backup, plus the chatter about a Packer fan rally. Heck, another six-pack of stories likely popped up in the time it took for me to write this sentence.   

Green Bay Packers...for thinking they can brush off a legend. 

Listen, I know everyone has a take on this one. We could all vote and it would likely be split right down the middle. Still, I have to say this...while I think Brett Favre could have handled the situation better, I still feel the Packers need to let  him come back and be their QB.

I understand what Green Bay is doing, but Favre single-handedly helped revive this historical franchise, which was stuck in the dumps for years. This is how you repay him when he changes his mind and wants to come back for more?   

The Packer Fans Rally...for not sounding the least bit impressive. 

The headlines all over the sports pages discuss a rally of Packer fans backing Favre and chanting for him to return to Green Bay. Yet, you read the story and it discusses a “crowd of over 100”. Really? That’s it? Does that mean the rest of you want Aaron Rodgers? REALLY?   

Tampa Bay Rays...for hitting a major bump in the road right when everyone was jumping on the wagon. 

There are still a lot of games left. With that being said, it isn’t often that you see championship teams struggle for such a prolonged period of time. The losing streak is at seven games. This week’s All-Star Game will be a much-needed break for the Rays.   

People Drinking the Angels' Haterade...instead of recognizing how good this team is. 

Is it me, or is no one talking about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Maybe because the team name confuses them? Either way, the Angels are tied with the Cubs for the best record in baseball heading into the All-Star break. And get this, they open the second half at home against the Red Sox. Time to ask T.O. for some popcorn.   

Travis Henry...for testing positive for marijuana. 

Yep, you got’s just another story about a talented athlete flushing his career right down the toilet after getting into trouble one time too many.   

Martin Truex...for failing inspection at Daytona. 

As a result of the illegal car, Truex and his DEI team were penalized 150 points by NASCAR. That one will leave a mark...and so will this tomato.   

Washington Wizards...for the mammoth deal they gave Gilbert Arenas. 

Six years and $111 million for Arenas? Seriously? I know the guy can play, but he’s also been injured frequently enough in recent years that I think this is a bit much for “Agent Zero”.

Chicago Cubs...for wheeling and dealing to get Rich Harden.

Listen, Harden is painfully talented...painful like the injuries he sustains on a yearly basis. Who else thinks he could suffer another setback before October arrives?

Carlos Marmol as an NL All-Star Replacement…for Kerry Wood, who is injured. 

Are you kidding me? I can’t believe Marmol had the highest vote on the player ballot. There are so many other candidates that are more deserving. Cole Hamels and Chad Billingsley come to mind.   

The Orioles on Sunday...and the fact that they just can’t win...again. 

Make that 14 consecutive losses on Sunday for the Birds. You guessed it, they’re gettin’ one until they can get into the win column.   

The Brett Favre Saga…again...for frustrating me one more time. 

I can’t stop shaking my head at this Brett Favre story. I just had to stop and pause...and sling another tomato. That’s four this go-round for No. 4 and the tangled web he’s in with the Packers.     

Honorary Tomato Throwers of the Week 

Because those who found success earn a chance to sling one at their opposition   

New York Mets—at the NL East after winning nine straight heading into the All-Star break.  

Philadelphia 76ers—at the Clippers after signing Elton Brand. 

C.C. Sabathia—at the NL after getting his second win in as many starts as a Brewer.  

Ian Kinsler—at AL pitching after his hit streak was extended to 25 games.   

This has been “Throwing Tomatoes”...and more texts of “2-MAY-2” sent to me. Is that you Brett?