Early 2010 Composite Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings and Commentary

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2010

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 06:  Andre Johnson #80 of the Houston Texans runs for yardage during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on December 6, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Good things come to those who wait, and, for those who followed my early composite rankings for running back , quarterback , and tight end , here is the final chapter of the story…where your favorite wideouts rank in the grand scheme of things.

This early in the offseason, not many sites offer dynasty player rankings, so I had to go with what I could find.

Using rankings from fftoolbox.com, rotoworld.com, and fantasyfootballmaniacs.com, here is my current composite list of dynasty receivers, including my own ranking in parenthesis before the player’s name (and total composite score in parenthesis after the player’s current squad).

1. (1) Andre Johnson, Houston (4): A really tight race for the top spot between Johnson and Fitzgerald. I base my own rank on the fact that Matt Schaub is light-years better than Matt Leinart, Derek Anderson, or any other QB the Cardinals can find stumping for work.

2. (2) Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (5): He’s too talented not to produce, whatever the circumstance, but the loss of both Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin make Fitzgerald a bit of an unknown in a tight race with Andre Johnson for the top spot.

3. (5) Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis (13): Best receiver on a team with Peyton Manning under center will always get high marks. I’d leave him at three if this was a redraft league, but my personal ranking factors in some small concern with Wayne and Manning’s ages and, more importantly, that the Colts are really starting to spread the ball around more.

This is partially why I suggest trading him in dynasty leagues .

4. (3) Calvin Johnson, Detroit (15): His dip in production last year may scare off some buyers, but Calvin is uber-talented, young, and has a quality QB in Matthew Stafford under center who will help Calvin return to elite stats over time.

5. (4) Roddy White, Atlanta (18): Just hitting his prime and has a young franchise QB who will get it all together this year and catapult White into the upper echelon of performer at this position.

6. (6) Miles Austin, Dallas (22): A contender in 2009 for fantasy MVP title, Austin came seemingly out of nowhere to become an elite receiving option. I’d have him ranked higher if he had a larger sample size, and if I wasn’t a little skeptical yet of Tony Romo.

7. (8) DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia (24): Finally a legitimate receiving threat for Donovan McNabb, Jackson matured into a solid option. The only question here is what happens over the next year or two at QB in Philly?

8. (7) Greg Jennings, Green Bay (25): Coming off a disappointing season, Jennings may be a good buy-low in dynasty leagues—especially since the experts so far seem to feel that Jennings will bounce back this year. And why not? He’s got a rock-solid QB who loves to fling the pigskin around.

T-9. (11) Randy Moss, New England (28): There is no denying that Randy Moss can still produce when he’s healthy and receives enough targets to make something happen. He isn’t getting any younger, however, and there are plenty of rumors that Moss won’t be with the Patriots beyond 2010.

Wait until he has a few banner games in Wes Welker’s absence early this coming season, and then look to deal him while his value is at its highest.

T-9. (10) Vincent Jackson, San Diego (28): The Chargers have abandoned their run game, literally, this offseason and will look to Philip Rivers and the dynamic duo of Jackson and Antonio Gates moving forward. Jackson is a solid option.

11. (15) Marques Colston, New Orleans (32): A favorite of Drew Brees, Colston is an intriguing option for fantasy owners. If the team didn’t spread the wealth so much I’d be even more bullish on Colston for the long haul.

12. (9) Brandon Marshall, Denver (36): Surprising to me to see him fall this low in composite rankings. Sure he has off-field issues, and can be a cancer within the locker-room. Sure his QB situation isn’t stellar. Still, with Kyle Orton at the helm in 2009, Marshall showed that he’s a game-changer both on the field and in fantasy circles.

I’d definitely want him over others on this list, regardless of the baggage.

13. (12) Sidney Rice, Minnesota (37): Became a star thanks to Brett Favre’s attention in games. The only concern about Rice is his long-term value in terms of who will be quarterbacking in 2010 and beyond.

I’m predicting that Favre will return in 2010 , and Rice is too talented to overlook on draft day or via a trade. In fact, he may be a good guy to target at the moment if his current owner is leery of the Favre situation (and if you agree with me that Favre will return for at least one more season).

14. (16) Steve Smith, Carolina (47): His horrific games in 2009 were tied directly to Jake Delhomme. Notice how his fantasy numbers improved dramatically when Matt Moore was under center? With Delhomme in Cleveland now, things are looking bright again for Smith.

15. (13) Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh (48): Continues to make the transition to being the Steelers No. 1 receiver. Pittsburgh has morphed into a passing-friendly team and, with Big Ben throwing around the pigskin, it is likely that Holmes continues to work his way up the rankings when Hines Ward starts to see his skillset decline with age.

For the full rankings, including players No. 16-40, click here .


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