The Overrated Tim Tebow Workout Needs To Get Florida Gators Put on Probation

JW NixSenior Writer IIMarch 18, 2010

Jon Gruden does not work for free. Ask ESPN, who seems to have anointed their next Brett Favre to shove down our throats on a continuous loop.

Isn't Tim Tebow is still legally a college football player?

How did Tebow afford to have Gruden prepare him for Florida University's Pro Day?

You know Gruden did not take an I.O.U. from Tebow for "services rendered."

Who paid for Gruden? How about the Gator boosters? It seems pretty obvious someone other than Tebow footed the Gruden bill?

Will it be investigated? Most likely not. You won't hear a whimper of this discussed by ESPN's "journalists," but you better believe they might if Gruden worked for FOX Sports.

The NCAA Committee is as dirty as the workout that was perpetrated yesterday. Payola, or "hush money," was fed to all the proper pockets so everyone will blindly accept things "as is."

What did we learn from the workout? That Tebow still has no arm, and should think about throwing the ball with his right hand over his left. Even in the current rules that cater to quarterbacks and make the NFL's chosen divas jobs much easier year to year.

As he got tired, the ball lollipopped more and more. The accuracy waned. ESPN valiantly tried to keep their cameras on him instead of the ball, except for a few of his earlier passes on the most simple of routes.

The verdict stayed the same ultimately, despite Gruden's "unbiased" ESPN report that Tebow was a future starter. The guy is no more than a project.

What we really learned is dirty money is flowing in the Sunshine State. Now we truly see why Florida gets all the top recruits and will continue to do so.

Kids will see that the school will pay for top experts to teach them to be better players without any expense to them.

The Gators will foot the bill, along with the usual housing, clothing, vehicle, female companionship bills they typically take care of for all of their players.

Florida has blatantly officially taken football recruiting to another level, and the NCAA will gladly follow blindly with stuffed wallets continuously fed by the boosters of the school.

ESPN's faux pas journalism will continue to shove your next hero down your throats as long as you tune in. Favre's name is mentioned every 20 minutes on all channels because of legal obligation. It reeks of reminiscence of the "Devil And Daniel Webster."

Now that Brett finally appears to have one last year to wear slovenly on America's conscience, they have the next Golden Boy in waiting. So confident they are in their investment, they sent "Chucky" to teach the kid to look the part of NFL QB.

Part of this madness might be because of draft day. Tebow has to be the first third-round prospect ever to be invited to sit in the green room during the draft.

If you were utterly sickened by having to watch a constant close up of the crying Brady Quinn for 22 picks in 2007, get ready to puke at 70+ picks of watching Tebow wait for the call on April 22.

ESPN is ready. Are you? They have plenty of tape from his days in college on the projector to get ready to shove down your consciousnesses as the already written scripts are ready for their "experts" to lament for several hours as to why he hasn't been drafted yet.

Any team that drafts him before the third round needs their heads examined because Tebow is quite simply a poor man's Bobby Douglass.

Unlike Tebow, Douglass had a good, strong arm. Like Tebow, Douglass was a left-hander with accuracy issues his entire career.

Bobby Douglass spent nine years in the NFL between 1969-1978, and was a full time starter in two seasons. His best season was in 1972 with the Chicago Bears, and it is not remembered because of his arm.

He ran for an then-NFL record 968 yards that year on 141 carries, leading the NFL with a 6.9 yards per carry average. He ran the ball for eight scores, while tossing a career best nine more scores against 12 interceptions.

Ultimately, he threw 36 touchdowns against 64 interceptions for his career. His yards rushing record for a quarterback was surpassed by 71 yards in 2006 by Michael Vick, though it took two extra games to break it.

Douglass was drafted in the second round, but you can bet the farm his Alma Mater Kansas University never paid for a coach to come in for six weeks to try to improve his draft stock.

If they had, the NCAA would have put them on probation because they have a set list on who can buy off their silence. Florida is on it, and Kansas never has been.

In football. Basketball is a completely different story.

Whoever makes them the most cash in each sport has the best chance to line the NCAA pockets and zip their lips with a nodding off acceptance.

If the NCAA or ESPN were legitimate entities, then Florida would thoroughly be investigated to see who bought Jon Gruden. ESPN would have their employee cooperate with the investigation, then break the story when the proper culprits are exposed.

But this will not happen, so just go to sleep and blindly accept the constantly shifting rules. It is exactly what is expected of you.


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