Seahawks Look East for Answers

Anti RavisContributor IMarch 11, 2010

The Seattle Seahawks are running hard on the idea of acquiring one of the Eagles’ quarterbacks, but it doesn’t seem as though the Eagles are seriously entertaining any offers. There have been reports that the Seahawks have initiated exploratory discussions into acquiring either Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb but that idea was dismissed in a report by CSN Philly, whose sources indicate that the Seahawks are only interested in second-string quarterback Kevin Kolb.’s Jason Lacanfora has gone on to state that the Eagles are asking for two first round picks for Kolb and have indicated that they believe McNabb is worth at least one first rounder. Obviously, Kevin Kolb has a longer career in front of him than Donovan McNabb but he is still a relative unknown, having only started two football games against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints and earning himself a respectable record of 1-1. Of course, he established an NFL record by racking up two 400 yard games in his first two starts but the Eagles seem to know very well that Donovan McNabb gives them a better chance of winning the Super Bowl in 2010.

But how close are the Eagles really? The optimism surrounding this team prior to 2009 seemed to immediately dissolve in the wake of their season-ending losses to the Dallas Cowboys and there were an endless series of conversations regarding the “gap between Philadelphia and Dallas”. Of course the Eagles expect healthy returns from Stewart Bradley, Shawn and Stacy Andrews and the addition of free agent defensive back Marlin Jackson to improve on their last embarrassing performances in the Jerrydome, but are the Eagles one or two first round draft picks from winning it all in 2010? With the limited impact first year players have made on either side of the ball, I’d say no. Knowing that Cleveland, Seattle and St. Louis will be competing for the services of a quality signal caller in April’s draft, it seems about high time that Andy Reid and company sit up and take notice. The market is going to dictate what these players are worth and as all three of them enter the final years of their contracts with Philadelphia, this team stands to miss out on some considerable compensation.