2010 NFL Mock Draft: Joe Haden to the Cleveland Browns

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2010

The Browns this year suffered a lot of disappointment. They went 1-11 to start the season and finally won the last four games to finish 5-11 and finish with the seventh overall pick.

Their first win was against Buffalo, 6-3, and quarterback Derek Anderson went 2-17 for 23 yards and one interception. I pass kidney stones with better accuracy.

They were 29th in the league in total offense and 21st in total defense. That team was BAD!

So, the Browns have great needs on both the offensive and defensive sides of the football.

They do not need a quarterback though. Understand me that despite all the arguments for a quarterback, and how Brady Quinn is injury prone or Derek Anderson just flat out reeks at times, this is not the time to draft a signal caller.

It would be ludicrous to do so. It's a team game. There are 53 guys to put on a roster and the quarterback is just one of them. He'll just cost a lot of money, and the Browns have disbursed a lot of money to both Quinn and Anderson already.

This is a draft where they get a very good player in the first round and look to build depth in later rounds.

The positions they need most help at are wide receiver and cornerback.

Their leading receiver last year was Mohamed Massaquoi with 34 catches, 621 yards receiving, and three touchdowns.

First off, no offense to Mohamed, but your lead receiver needs to have over a 1000 yards. There is no excuse for that. In today's game, with so many quarterbacks throwing for 4,000 yards, it is not uncommon to have two receivers with over 1000 yards.

The Browns have just dissolved. They almost made the playoffs in 2007, but the key offensive members to that success are all gone or benched.

Kellen Winslow Jr was traded to the Buccaneers, Braylon Edwards was traded to the Jets, Jamal Lewis is fixing to retire, and Derek Anderson is on the bench.

It is sad to see Cleveland like this.

So, the obvious name for a receiver would be Dez Bryant, but that's a horrible mistake.

While Dez Bryant has tremendous talent, he has more character issues than a stuffy nose has sniffles.

He was suspended by the NCAA for having conversations with Deion Sanders, and he didn't just forget to inform the NCAA; they asked him direct questions if he had been to Sanders' house or had worked out with him, and Bryant responded no to all of them.

He deliberately lied to the NCAA. Therefore, he was suspended for the entire 2009 season.

Let me tell you something about Deion Sanders. I'm a Cowboys writer so I know Deion pretty well.

He acts as if great athletes are not just stars on the football field, but members of an elite social club or rulers of kingdoms. Deion has always been an agent to go to the highest bidder, and he is only going to play by his rules.

Deion was the worst tackling cornerback in NFL history because he would rarely tackle. He was a guy who didn't want to put his body at risk for the team. If he wasn't such a great coverage cornerback, he probably wouldn't even be considered for the Hall of Fame.

This is the guy who is mentoring Dez Bryant. Deion could make Dez Bryant into a phenomenal receiver, but he will be a selfish player with a fat contract.

He could be the next Terrell Owens, God help us.

To worsen the situation, Dez Bryant has Deion's old agent, Eugene Parker, negotiating for him, and he is, to say the least, a shark to deal with.

Add it all together and I see a great talent screwing up a troubled organization with all of his me, me, me junk.

Also, I think they need to focus on defense because they need to implement the styles of their division rivals. The Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals are now tough running teams with great defenses.

A high powered passing attack is just not what the Browns need.

That leaves cornerback. Back in the 1980s when Marty Schottenheimer made the Browns winners, they had a pair of great cornerbacks named Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield.

Those two guys were just amazing. They went to three Pro Bowls together! That's never happened before or since.

The Browns have a pretty good cornerback in Eric Wright and a talented safety named Brodney Pool.

However, when you take in the facts that Cincinnati has Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, Pittsburgh has Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes, and Baltimore now has Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth plus the possibility of Baltimore drafting a receiver in the first round, it makes it essential that the Browns have a great passing defense or they will never go anywhere.

First rule of a general manager is to build your team to where they can defeat their division rivals because once you defeat them, then the playoffs are almost guaranteed.

Team another talented cornerback with Wright and let the defense rock.

The best cornerback in the draft right now is Joe Haden.

He's 5'11", weighs 193 pounds, 32 3/4 inches in arm length, and 9 1/2 inch hand size.

He had a 10'5" broad jump, 35'" vertical jump, 6.94 in the three cone drill, 11.12 in the 60 yard shuffle, 18 bench press reps, so he's done pretty well.

The one thing that can hurt Haden is his 40 time. He ran a 4.57 at the combine and the NFL wants 4.3, 4.4 guys to keep up with those fast receivers.

But forget all that. I'm an analyst who holds physical attributes high, but I've heard too many great stories about men who were not the best athletes become the greatest football players of our illustrious league.

I'm not going to hold two-tenths of a second against this guy when everything else about him shines like marble in the sun.

I want to see what these young men do on the field and there is no better corner to me than Joe Haden.

His quickness is something that stands out. A play goes into effect, and he reacts on the spot like lightning.

I saw him get burned by Brandon LaFell, who is one of the really fast receivers from LSU, but I think he has enough speed to keep up with an opponent for a good distance and then the safety over the top will assist if the receiver starts beating Haden deep.

I love his tackling. This guy is a great tackler and that's something I loved to see from cornerbacks, because a lot of those guys are soft and focus more on speed and movement than strength.

Another analyst believes that he could do a bit better though at wrapping up at times, and his gambling skills.

Gambling is when a cornerback is trying to go for the interception, so he re-positions his body to where he can extend his arms or get in front of the ball, and a lot of times by doing that, you can leave the receiver in a position to just go right past you if he you don't get the ball.

A lot of gamblers get thrown out of the league at corner, so he better be smart and not go all in unless he really will win.

I listened to an interview with him after his 40 time, and the one thing I like about him is his character. He's a tough guy who was actually astounded that he ran a 4.57 instead of a 4.3 or 4.4 time.

I think the Browns should draft him because he has everything you could want in a cornerback. He is a ball-hawk as shown by his four interceptions this year. He had 57 tackles (45 solo and 12 assists), three sacks, and he's a competitor who excelled against the best receivers the SEC had to offer.


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