2010 NFL Scouting Combine: Cornerback Results

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMarch 5, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 2: Defensive back Patrick Robinson of Florida State runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 2, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

After Joe Haden ran the "40 heard round the world" scouts everywhere are suddenly dropping the star corner out of their top eight in NFL Mock Drafts all around.

However, anyone who knows football is smart enough to know that he still has the skills and athleticism to hand with NFL receivers" target="_blank">NFL receivers .

But what did we learn from the other corners at the NFL Combine ? Read on to take a look at the top five guys in each major drill, along with some analysis:

40-Yard Dash

1. Crezdon Butler—Clemson (4.41)

2. Patrick Robinson —Florida State (4.42)

3. Brandon Ghee—Wake Forest (4.45)

4. Chris Cook—Virginia (4.46)

5. Amari Spievey—Iowa (4.47)

Crezdon Butler finished with the best 40 time, but the real story here was the stellar runs by hot prospect Patrick Robinson, as well as Brandon Ghee.

Kareem Jackson didn't place in the top five, but still helped his already solid stock with a very solid 4.48 40.

Donovan Warren and Joe Haden had bad showings in the 40-yard dash, finishing with a 4.59 and 4.58, respectively.

Bench Press

1. Kyle Wilson —Boise State (25 reps)

2. Brian Jackson—Oklahoma (20)

3. Kevin Thomas—USC (19)

4. Joe Haden—Florida (18)

5. Crezdon Butler—Clemson (17)

Kyle Wilson threw it down thick when it came to the bench press, out-performing the next best corner by five reps. The bench press is usually used more to expose weak players, but this is a good sign of Wilson's strength.

Several of the corners had merely average results, but Virginia's Chris Cook was especially horrible, recording just seven reps.

Vertical Leap

1. A.J. Jefferson—Fresno State (44.0)

2. Devin Ross—Arizona (40.0)

3. Crezdon Butler—Clemson (39.5)

4. David Pender—Purdue (39.0)

5. Patrick Robinson—Florida State (39.0)

A.J. Jefferson has a pretty solid overall combine and ended with the lead in the vertical leap. He demonstrated at the combine that he can be fairly explosive, and also has solid speed.

Crezdon Butler is another guy who really showed his athleticism in most of the drills, registering 39.5 inches in the vertical leap, good for third.

Joe Haden still had a decent vertical jump, but compared to several of the other elite jumps, he looked a bit lacking in the explosive department.

Broad Jump

1. Chris Cook—Virginia (11')

2. Brandon Ghee —Wake Forest (10'7)

3. Jerome Murphy—South Florida (10'7)

4. Devin McCourty—Rutgers (10'6)

5. Myron Lewis—Vanderbilt (10'6)

A.J. Jefferson and Kevin Thomas tied with Myron Lewis for fifth place.

Chris Cook took a fairly solid 40-time into the broad jump and put his athleticism further on display by recording the best broad jump. Despite his solid showings in several drills, his awful bench press may raise some eyebrows in the wrong way.

Perrish Cox registered the worst broad jump at 9'7''.


Everyone was watching for Joe Haden to be lights-out, but it just didn't happen. He still has to be the most talented corner in the draft, but there's no longer much doubt that he's not the fastest. His stock will almost certainly take a small hit.

Patrick Robinson, on the other hand, has to be the big winner in terms of draft stock, as he finished .01 out of first place in the 40-yard dash, and also had a good showing in the vertical leap.

Several players were disappointing in the bench press, which ironically enough, was one of the areas that Joe Haden actually did OK in.

The best overall performance of the combine for the corners has to go to Crezdon Butler, who came in as an underdog prospect, and really put an athletic show on. He took the top time in the 40-yard dash, placed in the top five in the bench press, and stole third place in the vertical leap.

But for every work-out warrior, there has to be a dramatic dud.

While Virginia Tech's Stephan Virgil certainly tried to earn the "dud" label with a horrid 4.69 40-time, the trophy goes to Donovan Warren , instead.

Warren is actually a solid prospect who many considered a second or third round talent, but a poor combine has people re-thinking his potential and athleticism.

He ran a weak 40, bringing in a time of 4.59, and only managed 12 reps in the bench press. With those two weak showings and no participation in any other drills, he failed to leave a good impression on the NFL scouts.

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