2010 NFL Scouting Combine: Did Gerald McCoy Just Move Ahead Of Suh?

Kevin RobertsSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 1: Defensive lineman Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma runs the 40 yard dash during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 1, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

There have been quite a few analysts reporting that Gerald McCoy is now viewed as a better overall prospect than Ndamukong Suh , and almost completely based off of what they saw in this year's NFL Combine .

While we won't know for sure until the 2010 NFL Draft , many are already speculating that McCoy has leap-frogged Suh for the top overall pick in the draft.

Some rumors have even declared that if the draft started today, that the Rams would have no choice but to make McCoy their top pick.

Regardless, McCoy and Suh are still easily the top two defensive tackles in this year's class. Read on to see how they and their competition fared in all the major drills:


40-Yard Dash

1. Earl Mitchell- Arizona (4.70)

2. Geno Atkins- Georgia (4.75)

3. Lamarr Houston- Texas (4.85)

4. Mike Neal- Purdue (4.86)

5. Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma (4.96)

McCoy rounded out the top five defensive tackles in the 40, and after Atkins and Mitchell, the next six guys were fairly close to each other.

Mitchell was a lesser-known prospect in this group, but he definitely turned some heads at the Combine. Ditto for Geno Atkins, who wasn't looked at as an elite prospect, but was solid enough that his excellent time to see a dramatic rise in stock.

Ndamukong Suh kept his time under 5.00 (4.98), and only finished .02 second behind McCoy, which really means absolutely nothing.

Terrence Cody showed up looking out of shape, so it was no surprise to see him run a horrible 5.64 time, although for how out of shape he looked, that actually may be considered a decent time.


Bench Press

1. Jeff Owens- Georgia (44 reps)

2. Linval Joseph- East Carolina (39)

3. Torell Troup- Central Florida (34)

4. Brian Price- UCLA (34)

5. Geno Atkins- Georgia (34)

Jeff Owens turned some heads with an insane 44 reps, while Linval Joseph also put in an elite performance on the bench press. Neither player was viewed as a first or second-round pick, but could see their grade rise after a solid showing here.

Brian Price, already a top prospect, showed further evidence of his strength on the inside, tying for third place with 34 reps.

The top two defensive tackles did not have a great showing in terms of their strength with the bench press, but Suh still topped 30 reps (32). McCoy, on the other hand, put in his weakest total for any drill, mustering just 23 reps, dropping in at second-to-last place.


Vertical Jump

1. Al Woods- LSU (37.0)

2. Ndamukong Suh- Nebraska (35.5)

3. Lamarr Houston- Texas (33.5)

4. Geno Atkins- Georgia (33.0)

5. Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma (30.5)

Al Woods took the show in the vertical jump with an unreal 37-inch jump, while Suh fell right behind him with a very nice vertical leap of his own.

McCoy rounded out the top five performers with a decent (but not amazing) leap, as both of the draft's top two defensive tackles displayed an ability to explode off the ground.

We're not sure why Terrence Cody even competed in this drill, as he finished with an embarrassing 20.5' vertical. Simply depressing.


Broad Jump

1. Geno Atkins- Georgia (9'9)

2. Gerald McCoy- Oklahoma (9'6)

3. Lamarr Houston- Texas (9'6)

4. Mike Neal- Purdue (9'5)

5. Al Woods- LSU (9'1)

Gerald McCoy further displayed his athleticism and explosiveness with a very good broad jump, while Geno Atkins stole the show in the drill, taking first place, adding another boost to his rising draft stock.

Ndamukong Suh wasn't far behind fifth place at 8'9'' for his broad jump, but he didn't look quite as explosive as McCoy and a few of the others in the top five.



While Ndamukong Suh still had a solid combine and looked good in other drills on film, it was pretty clear to everyone watching at the Combine that McCoy (at least through drills) was the more athletic, explosive defensive tackle.

McCoy drastically boosted his already insanely high stock with top-five placements in three of the four major drills, while Suh only managed to rank among the elite in one of them.

Regardless, both are still the top two defensive tackles in the draft, and it'll be a close race as to who gets picked first all the way up until draft day.

Terrence Cody had to be the biggest loser at the Combine, as he looked terribly out of shape, and performed like it, as well.

He looked slow, lacked explosiveness, and didn't appear very athletic in any of his drills. He's viewed as more of a run-stopper at the next level, but there's no doubt he needs to be more disciplined and dedicated to improving his conditioning and overall athleticism if he wants to be successful at the next level.

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