Send in the QB's, Where are the QB's??

Dr. Bill ChachkesContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

Send in the QB's, Where are the QB's??

(photo-Fordham's John Skelton slings one in a driving rainstorm against Colgate in 2008-A.F. Chachkes for Football Reporters Online-Used with Permission)


By Dr. Bill Chachkes-Managing Partner/Executive Editor-Football Reporters Online/Gridiron Draft Guide


I'm looking at various lists put out by the "big guys" regarding how they rate the Quarterbacks for the 2010 Draft. For the life of me i can't figure out what some of these guys are on. The Site with the "Acronyms" in it's name that has two supposed "Top Talent Evaluators" on it's staff and on it's airwaves claim that Sam Bradford of Oklahoma is the best QB in this Draft. Must be something in the Hair Gel fumes.

Bradford is talented, yes, but he has yet to impress many "real" Draft Scouts, unless some miracle lighting bolt hits Lucas Oil stadium this weekend. Bradford if you remember, spent the majority of the 2009 season injured. Unless he throws the football across the river and into the indy zoo, his status won't change by next week in my eyes. Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen isn't horrible either, but he's at least three full NFL seasons away from being close to a starter in my eyes. He suffers from "Tony Romo-itis" of his feet, amongst other issues with his game. 


The Best "Big School" QB's in this draft are Texas' Colt McCoy, Central Michigan's

Dan LeFevour, and Cincinnati's Tony Pike. After those three, the next three best QB's in this class are at the FCS level. Number four is Jacksonville State's Ryan Perrilloux (the LSU transfer), then Fordham University's John Skelton rounds out the top 5. Skelton clearly has the best Arm of any QB in this class. Number six is Troy State's Levi Brown, followed by Holy Cross' Dominic Randolph at seven. 

Too many independent scouts have underrated the players from the "lower" conferences for far too long. The Next "FBS" QB ranks at number eight, and he is Mississippi's Jevan Snead. Number nine is Northwestern's MIke Kafka, and rounding out the "Top Ten" is Oregon State's Sean Canfield. Below you will find (not in order) some other QB's we are tracking. You will notice that a certain QB from Florida isn't on my list. Again, unless he's hit by lighting, don't expect to hear his name called until late on day two if not day three of the draft.


Some more QB's that Impress:


Jonathan Crompton-Tennessee

Tyler Sheehan-Bowling Green

Tim Hiller- Western Michigan

Eric Ward- Richmond

Armanti Edwards-Appalachian St.

Pat Grace-N.Iowa


Our full ratings for every position will be published in the Gridiron Draft Guide (a combined work of Consensus Draft Services and  Football Reporters Online, with assistance from the Black Athlete Sports Network) and can be purchased for Ten dollars U.S. at and will be e-mailed on April 4th and 5th.