Whistler fuzz killing that good ol' Olympic buzz

Matt TarrContributor IFebruary 17, 2010

Residents of Whistler, British Columbia, and 2010 Winter Olympic visitors alike are up in arms due to increased police presence in the small city.

Whistler, which was once was a safe haven for those who wished to smoke cannabis in public, more than doubled its police force of 30 in preparation for the Games.?The police are making hourly inspections of clubs and pubs, putting a halt to the need to serve bar munchies.

Marijuana! Hey, at least it’s not crack!

Marijuana! Hey, at least it’s not crack!

Whistler Mountain High

Whistler Mountain High

Several of the city’s 9,965 residents believe authorities are using buzzkill-esque methods in an effort to sanitize Whistler’s image, while club managers and patrons simply want to get stoned alongside strangers once again.

“Usually in Whistler you won’t even see a cop,” Donnelly Gellar, a 20-year-old snowboarder in a grungy rainbow poncho, told the Associated Press. “It’s so weird right now. Wow … just wow.”

Several visitors and club owners have stopped displaying the 2010 Olympic logo and adopted what they call a new and improved Whistler logo, which is green and has an image of a middle-aged man sporting a tie and a cannabis pipe.

The words printed on the logo have become somewhat of a rallying cry and can be heard on the streets of Whistler at all hours of the day and night:

“Marijuana! Hey, at least it’s not crack!”

In other news, next week’s annual Sportspoop.com staff retreat has been moved from Whistler to Weed, Calif.

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