Ideal Draft Moves For The Detroit Lions

Chris YoungCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2010

The Lions are in the number two spot in the first round of the draft. They have a variety of options, mainly taking two big time names Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry.

The Lions need to solidify the middle of the defense by using the second pick in the first round, selecting, Tennessee safety Eric Berry.

After Detroit allowed nearly 500 points on the defensive side. Adding Berry next to sophomore safety Louis Delmas would help Detroit cut down on those big threat plays, from opposing defenses. He is an excellent athlete with game breaking abilities. He steps up and makes those open field tackles, while being able to cover the open field. He has top notch instincts on all aspects of the defense.

The Lions need to make a selection in the second round. Do they grab a defensive tackle, to go along with a up and coming Sammie Hill and old timer Grady Jackson, or snatch a inside linebacker to replace Larry Foote?

Look to see Detroit to grab someone with hard nose football attitude, a player who will not be afraid to throw his weight around, and making those jaw breaking tackles.

Detroit drafts Brandon Spikes in the second round. Spikes would be able to come in and start right away. The former Gater linebacker, could line up with the best line-backing core Detroit has seen in a long time. Joining Pro Bowler Julian Peterson, Ernie Sims, and DeAndre Levy.

With the third round I can see Detroit making a pick with their front four. The few options I have in mind would be adding depth to either the outside or inside of the line. Interior lineman like North Carolina's Cam Thomas or Lamarr Houston from Texas. These two players have great upside to them, great run stopping ability, and athletic enough to run the sidelines. Moving to the outside, Alex Carrington is one of my favorites this year. His rare combination of size (6-5, 285 lbs), strength, and versatility gives him the option to be in any defensive scheme.

If Detroit is able to take this approach, to key in on their defensive needs. Detroit would be making great strides, dropping from a disappointing 494 points scored against them. To around a healthy 350, this would help the offense jump over the 325 scoring mark. Look for Detroit to make a big improvement jumping to 7-9 season in 2010.