2010 NFL Draft: Does Seahawks LT Walter Jones Retiring Change Their Draft Plans?

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IFebruary 18, 2017

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are losing one of the most decorated left tackles in the history of the NFL in Walter Jones.

A 13-year veteran, Jones has been to nine Pro Bowls, has been named to the All-Decade Team of the 2000's and he is a four-time first team All-Pro selection.

Many, including John Madden, have said that Jones might very well be the best left tackle ever to play in the NFL.

If there was one position the Seahawks never had to worry about year in and year out, it was Jones at left tackle, but with his retirement all that has changed.

So does this change the Seahawks' draft plans in April?

Possibly, but with the draft heavy in offensive tackles, there is a chance to fill the void left by Jones with either the No. 6 or No. 14 pick in the first round.

Mock drafts have been all over the place with the No. 6 pick and with the No. 14 pick, the consensus has said Clemson running back CJ Spiller might be the choice.

So now Pete Carroll needs to decide, does he go with a offensive tackle since he will most likely have his choice of any, but Russell Okung of Oklahoma State?

Regardless of what happens, No. 6 is a perfect spot to take an offensive lineman since that position is more of a sure thing for the amount of money that will be invested into him.

These are the possible left tackles that might still be on the board when the Seahawks pick: Anthony Davis of Rutgers, Brian Bulaga of Iowa, Trent Williams of Oklahoma, or Bruce Campbell of Maryland.

To prove that drafting a tackle has been working in the last few years, just look at the Cleveland Browns' left tackle Joe Thomas, who has been to three Pro Bowls in three years and the Miami Dolphins' Jake Long who has been to two Pro Bowls in two seasons in the NFL.

It may not be a sexy pick, but a left tackle has been more of a sure thing in the top ten of the NFL Draft then almost any other position the past few seasons.

With lots of holes to fill, left tackle should be addressed when the Seahawks are up with their No. 6 overall pick in April.