Salaries For Athletes! Are You Serious? They Make What?

Jordan McKittrickContributor IJuly 1, 2008

So it has been recently discussed by every sports site, station, and fan.  There needs to be a renovation of how athletes are paid.  But how do you give the people that don't get the recognition by the stats.  So I have developed a great way on how to solve this problem and it will solve everything.  Start everyone at a base salary of lets just say $1 million.  Then after a season of that, make teams designate their players by who's their superstar/most important player and down the list.  Then if someone is designated they are then given a salary of whatever the whole NBA agrees on.  Lets say $15 million for #1 player on team, $10 million for #2, and whatever down the list.  If you switch teams, or are new in the league you have to take the base salary and then the year after that the team can re-designate players to be the new superstar.  Makes for more lifers like we had back in the olden days of sports, and less draft day and free agent busts.  For instance I will pick a few teams to demonstrate how this will work.

Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard by far is the most important player on the team so he is designated the superstar.  He is given $15 million a year.

The number two known player and top salary for the upcoming season is Rashard Lewis but their #2 top player? I would give it to Hedo Turkoglu.  So Rashard for instance is not getting the $18 mill that he is going to earn next year he is given the #3 spot on the team which will earn him maybe $7.5 million a year a much better bargain.

Utah Jazz

Deron Williams has become one of the premier true point guards in the league and in recent memory.  He is going to be the teams superstar so he earns $15 million a year.

At #2 I have to give that to Carlos Boozer I don't know where he has came from ever since going to the Jazz but he is a top notch player but #2 on the team so he earns $10 mill a year.

At #3 I have to give it to Mehmet Okur he is a great role player for a under rated center in the league.  As a matter of fact their top paid player in Andrei Kirilenko is not even in the top 3 on the team he goes from earning $15 million a year to earning whatever he is designated to. 

In addition to this all sports could adopt this and then there would be no horrible consequence for drafting Ryan Leaf with the top pick in the NFL draft other then just getting a bad player.  If they were to know that he was going to turn out like that they would, well not have drafted him (but besides the point), have not given him a big contract.   So he starts at the base salary then turns out like he did and then they designate him whatever spot on the team and he gets what he deserves.

So as a result of this players are paid upon performance, and for the most part team importance.  There would be players that would go from the star on a team to taking a $1 million contract in free agency to get on a "better" team or a team of their choice.