The Subway Series Showdown: A Pitching Preview Of NY Vs. NY

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IJune 26, 2008

As every fan of either New York baseball team knows right now, the two teams are preparing for what is sure to be an interesting subway series. Just to recap, since these two teams last met about a month ago (Mets taking 2 of 2) a lot has changed for both teams.

For the Mets, there is a new manager, the hottest hitter on the team has been out of the lineup since just after that series, and a few young arms for the Mets have pitched brilliantly. For the Yankees the news is big, and bad. It can be summed up in one word, Wang. Chien Ming Wang was injured running the bases and will now be out until the playoffs.

So besides all of that, nothing has changed, and we should have a competitive series. The first game of this interesting four game set will be played in the afternoon of Friday, at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. This is a make up game from the last series due to a rain out. For the first, game Jerry Manuel is throwing his hottest starter as of now.

He is one of the young pitchers who has been red hot, of course this is Mike Pelfrey. He has been pitching brilliantly over the past month and looks to continue this into Yankee Stadium. Opposing him in this match-up will be the relatively unknown Dan Geise. He will be taking the mound coming off a good start to the season.

He has only made four appearances this year, but in those four, has only given up one run. He should be a tough competitor for Pelfrey, but in this match-up, you have to lean towards Mike in the battle of future stars. The second game of the series will be played that night at Shea Stadium in Queens.

This match-up will pit two veterans against each other as Pedro Martinez will be on the mound for the Mets and recently acquired Sidney Ponson will be on the mound for the Yankees. Pedro has faced the Yankees quite a number of times in his career. He is 11-10 with a 3.03 ERA against the Yankees.

Of course, most of these numbers were put up when he was a member of the Red Sox. Sidney Ponson on the other hand has not faced the Mets very much in his career. He is 1-1 with a 2.86 ERA against the them. Again, I feel that this pitching match-up heavily favors the New York Mets.

This will be Ponson's first start in pinstripes this season as he has pitched for them in 2006 and was reacquired from Texas last week. Pedro on the other hand, knows these hitters, and knows what needs to be done. The Saturday match up is another showcase of two veteran starters. One is projected to be among the games best ever, and the other has a boatload of experience in big games, and against the Mets.

Johan Santana will pitch for the Mets against Andy Pettitte for the Yankees. This match-up to me is the closest. Johan is coming off of a bad start and Andy in his career is 7-4 with a 3.48 ERA. Vs the Amazin’s. So, in this match-up you have to choose experience against an opponent vs. pure talent.

As a person who follows baseball, you can't ever pick against Johan Santana. On most days, even his bad days, he is better than his opponent. The final game of the series should be the most interesting. On the mound will be two young starters who have been great at times, but who have also been terrible at times.

Darrell Rasner will go for the Yankees opposing Oliver Perez for the Mets. If I were going to give one game to the Yankees it would probably be this one because Oliver has the ability to go completely out of control. In Rasner’s, only ever appearance against the Mets, he gave up two earned runs in 0.0 innings of work. This was of course in relief.

He has become a new pitcher in the rotation but you can't overlook things like that. Oliver on the other hand has pitched very well against the cross town rival. He always tends to step up in big games, and against the Yankees, he is 4-1 with a 2.88 ERA with 23 strikeouts. Now you can't discredit the hitting in all of this.

By my predictions that Mets have strong shot (on the pitching end) of sweeping this years subway series. The problem, Mets fans, before you get your hopes up remember that you were shut out through 7.0 innings by R.A. Dickey.

 If this game were completely based on pitching the advantage goes to the Mets, but given the way the Mets have swung the bats over the past month, I think my little brother would have a chance to throw seven shut out innings some nights.