2010 NFL Draft Rankings: Running Backs

Zack NallyCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2010

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 28:  Jonathan Dwyer #21 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is tackled by Quintin Banks #31 of the Georgia Bulldogs at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Each year gives fans and scouts alike reasons to scratch their heads over the new running back class, and while this year is no different, the talent level is clearly higher (as a whole) in year's past.

So many of the runners in this class have the ability and versatility to be immediate impact players. Read on to find where they rank:

1. C.J. Spiller (Clemson)

There is no better athlete at the running back position in this year’s draft. Think Reggie Bush, but without the USC hype. (Player Profile)

2. Jonathan Dwyer (Georgia Tech)

Arguably the best all-around back entering the draft, Dwyer is sure to transition well to the NFL. He has the blend of speed, power, and versatility that coaches look for. (Player Profile)

3. Jahvid Best (Cal)

Best is one of those backs that has all the right qualities and looks great on paper, but sometimes he just doesn’t reflect that. Consistency could be an issue. (Player Profile)

4. Toby Gerhart (Stanford)

At 232 pounds, Gerhart is a legitimate workhorse. Speed and durability down the road are minimal concerns, but really, this guy is the total package. (Player Profile)

5. Charles Scott (LSU)

A big, physical competitor, Scott will be a second-round choice who will surprise a lot of folks come next season. (Player Profile)

6. Chris Brown (Oklahoma)

Brown is an interesting runner. Paired with the explosive DeMarco Murray in Oklahoma, Brown always received the majority of carries in situations that naturally made him the workhorse of the Sooner’s rushing attack. That isn’t to say he can’t be explosive, though. (Player Profile)

7. Anthony Dixon (Mississippi State)

Dixon has all the physical ability and intangibles to be a great NFL back, but it will take time to iron out some of the wrinkles in his fundamentals. (Player Profile)

8. DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)

The speedy complement to Chris Brown at Oklahoma, Murray is a body of questions. Because he has always had to share the load with other talented backs, it’s unclear whether or not Murray has the durability to survive in the NFL. (Player Profile)

9. Ryan Matthews (Fresno State)

The only thing that is keeping Matthews off the map is the fact that he plays for Fresno State.
He's explosive and can run in between the tackles. What more do you want? (Player Profile)

10. LeGarrette Blount (Oregon)

Blount will be one of the most controversially discussed players in this year’s draft. He has talent but the well-known incident in the first game of the year against Boise State will cause many teams to doubt his character and commitment. (Player Profile)

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