Platinum Shurikens: Discuss and Vote for Your Favorite 2009 MVP

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - JANUARY 03:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings celebrates a touchdown in the second quarter against the New York Giants on January 3, 2010 at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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As the NFL focuses on its postseason gauntlet, us fantasy football folk are left to reminisce on another fantasy season passed.

It is natural to feel a little depressed about the loss of the season, much like the loss of a good friend that has been there the past four months to comfort us as our can't-miss fantasy draft picks were shredded by injuries and poor play calling and opposing defenses.

But it is also natural to celebrate a season that gave us so many presents. These fantasy gifts are known as our extreme value players...or, in more uncertain terms, our fantasy MVPs.

Below are just a few candidates.

A colleague and I developed a list of our three most-deserving fantasy MVPs at each position.

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Let the debate begin!

(Our final MVP will be determined in a week based on the comments and voting and arguments we receive at the site.)


Brett Favre: Favre threw 2 TDs in his first game and by week 4 had eight TDs to one interception and 837 yards PASSING on Adrian Peterson’s team. The rest his history, as in the greatest season of an historic career.

Where did you draft him again? Yahoo had him ranked 22nd among QBs.

Running Back

Ray Rice: What more is there to say about Rice? He had 100 yards or more—and several times lots more—in 12 of 17 games and scored 8 total TDs. Rice’s value rose throughout draft season as expectations grew, but they never even remotely approached his final production value.

Yahoo had him ranked 49th in the preseason. ESPN had him 28th. He finished in the top five and was just two points behind Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones-Drew, who tied for second, in some formats.

Wide Receiver

Miles Austin: Austin is the unexpected answer to one of the preseason’s most pressing questions: Who will benefit most with Terrell Owens gone? The answer wasn’t Roy Williams or Jason Witten, who were disappointments for a lot of owners—it was Austin.

Nobody could have seen this coming.

The unheralded receiver had one impressive game in 2008 and, as such, was ranked 101st by ESPN and 49th by Yahoo in the preseason. He didn’t arrive until Week 5 and disappeared in Weeks 10 and 11, but he helped fantasy teams win and win some more.

He finished with 90 or more yards in seven games after Week 5 and scored in eight games over the same period.

Tight End

Vernon Davis: It took two weeks, but Davis showed a glimpse of what was to come with his 90-plus-yard, 2-TD game in Week 3. Little did we know he would go nuts in the second half of the season. From Week 3 on, he scored TDs in 10 of 14 games, had three 100-yard games and had six or more catches seven times.

He was ranked 22nd in the preseason by ESPN and 16th by Yahoo . He finished first or second depending on your format. That’s some good value.