State Of The Rams: Looking Ahead

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State Of The Rams: Looking Ahead
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 My beloved Rams have fumbled and bumbled their way into the first pick of the upcoming NFL Draft. Now comes the truly frightening part, who to pick.

 The Rams have as many holes in their roster as the Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe has children, so how can they avoid blowing this pick and build the team back into contention?

 After reading numerous articles on the subject,(I pretend that this is research), I've noticed many in the Rams' Nation are thinking quarterback with the #1 WRONG! I believe they can't pass up Ndamukong Suh, the defensive tackle from Nebraska.

 Yes I know the Rams have a history of bad DT picks:Claude Wroten,Jimmy Kennedy, Damione Lewis, Ryan Pickett,  but Suh could be that once in a decade defensive disrupter that the rams have lacked for a looooong time and most of the better defensive squads in the league have that "Force" in the middle of the line that frees their linebacker to make plays.

 The Rams must address the QB position in the draft, however I believe at least a few of the top 5 will be available in the second round, (and I include Tim Tebow in this group because I think he can play in this league).

 As for the rest of the draft, do something about the guys that are allegedly blocking, and find a cornerback who could cover somebody. I hear grumbling about receivers, but I believe Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendiola, in addition to Donnie Avery, can do the job. They just need someone to get them the ball.

 The defensive statistics were awful this year, but if you were watching, they held most teams for three quarters but were worn out because the team could never generate any offense. Just think how much better they would be with Suh.

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