Will Howard and Joe Burgett Go 2010 Mock NFL Drafting

Will HowardCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2010

Today, fellow "Bleacher Creature" Joe Burgett and I, best known for ticking people off in the wrestling section of Bleacher Report, decided we were bored enough to do a mock draft.

Now this isn't just one of those mock drafts you see everyone else doing. This is one of the rare ones that says that despite Wes Welker's injury, that New England somehow gets to the super Bowl and beats the Saints, even after Drew Brees put his foot so far up the Patriot's defense that he could tell that had cheerios for breakfast that day.

So without further ado, Will and Joe's Mock Draft for the 2010 NFL draft, Round 1.

Picks by Will are marked with a (W), Picks by Joe are marked with a (J)


W-Pick 1. St. Louis -DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska , This guy is the most dominant player to ever hit the NFL draft. They need a QB, but Jake Locker didn't come out, he's probably the only guy that keeps Suh off the Rams

J-Pick 2. Detroit -DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma (JR) , Ok, the Lions are in high need of a better guy on the inside on defense. So the obvious pick they should go with is Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy

W-Pick 3. Tampa Bay -S Eric Berry, Tennessee (JR) , DraftDog says he's the best Safety since Sean Taylor. I'm tempted to believe he's just slightly better than Taylor was, and Tampa didn't get any INTs last season and Berry is a legitimate threat to pick off 10 balls next season

J-Pick 4, Washington -QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma , Bradford did have some injury trouble this year, but the former Heisman Winner is terrific and very gifted. Healthy he is probably the best QB in the draft, with a big arm and accuracy, he could be offensive rookie of the year.

W-Pick 5. Kansas City , OT Russell Okung, OK State , Okung gives them a legitimate O-Lineman who can protect Matt Cassel and allow him to make throws to Bowe and Chambers. This makes Charlie Weis a very happy man.

J-Pick 6. Seattle , WR Dez Bryant, 6' 2" 210 lbs. Oklahoma State (JR) , The move was made because of one fact alone, Bryant is the play maker they need. Hasselback has had some issues, but he is still a good QB. And there are plenty of people at the QB position they can go for to back up MH in the 2nd Round. Right now, Seattle needs someone like Bryant, not another QB who won't start unless Hasselbeck gets hurt. Even if he is done for good, they still have potential franchise QBs in the second round.

W-Pick 7. Cleveland, QB Jimmy Clausen, 6' 4" 202 lbs. Notre Dame (JR) , Let’s hope this QB from Notre Dame turns out better than Brady Quinn has. With a young corp of wide-outs, and Quinn not the answer for Cleveland's QB woes. Clausen has to be the pick.

J-Pick 8. Oakland, DT Brian Price, 6' 2" 303 lbs. UCLA, Price immediately supplants Tommy Kelly in the line and makes Oakland’s front four better. He’s explosive and will get to the ball and force some fumbles.

W-Pick 9. Buffalo, CB Joe Haden, Florida (JR) , Buffalo gets a bonafide playmaker in Haden who will come up with some INTs and make a spectacular tackle. I expect him to fight Suh for Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2010.

J-Pick 10. Jacksonville, ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama (JR), The best pure Interior Linebacker to hit the draft in some time, McClain will make tackles and gets some sacks along with getting in the head of every QB he faces. The Jags need a guy like this in their defense. In fact every team does.

W-Pick 11. Denver, SS Taylor Mays, (USC) , He’s massive and quick, 6’3, 235, and he’s not the best in coverage, but under Brian Dawkins, he’ll learn. Denver has to make this pick.

J-Pick 12. Miami, DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida (JR) , Miami needs him there, as a pass rusher he could be one of the best in the draft, but he can easily stop the run. The dude is 6'6 and a light 257. He can run with the backs and knock down passes too.

W-Pick 13. San Francisco , RB C. J. Spiller, 5’ 11” 195 lbs. Clemson , And now for some Slash and Gore. Spiller teams with Crabtree, Davis and Gore to make their offense dynamic. Giving them the playmaker they’ve been missing.

J-Pick 14. Seattle, OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers (JR) , Seattle needs a solid OT in the worst way, and Davis is here waiting for them.

W-Pick 15. Giants, DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, 6' 2" 255, TCU , The Giants have trouble keeping their linebackers healthy, and Hughes is a model of solid play and health. In 48 games he has 32 tackles for loss and 27 sacks. Just what the doctor ordered for the Giants stale defense.

J-Pick 16. Tennessee, DT Dan Williams, Tennessee , he’s a home-town guy who is massive, 6’3 327 and will be a force in the middle of the titans’ D-Line.

W-Pick 17, San Francisco, Arrelious Benn, Illinois (JR) , I know, another wide-out in the first round, yeah, Benn is their guy. Crabtree is installed, Spiller, Gore, and Davis, this is going to be an offense to watch out for, even with a mediocre QB.

J-Pick 18, Pittsburgh, DE/OLB Brandon Graham, 6' 2" 270 lbs. Michigan , Graham has been super productive this year, ranked No. 1 in the nation with 26 tackles for loss (TFL) and 10.5 sacks. Consistency on a team that needs that trait badly. He can work in many positions which the Steelers always love. From watching him this season, I don't see a better multi-position guy in the draft.

W-Pick 19, Atlanta, LB Brandon Spikes, 6' 3" 245 lbs. Florida , Dunlap would fit well here had he not gotten a DUI, but I can't see him going to a team where character counts after the whole Vick situation. Spikes is great here anyway, a very big part of the Gators this year. Spikes made for some excellent defense stops and was highly productive. Atlanta needs a guy like this, so pulling the trigger here seems likely.

J-Pick 20, Houston, CB Patrick Robinson, 5' 11" 192 lbs. Florida State , Highly speedy and experienced and could really help this be a great all around defense, there are other lineman in the draft they could go for, and more linebackers. There aren't any better after Robinson at the CB position, the draft is highly thin of those this year

W-Pick 21, Jets , NT Terrence Cody, 6' 5" 365 lbs. Alabama , The diet cola version of Vince Wilfork. He will stop the run and has been known to deflect a few passes. Needs to work on his physicality. Did you know he can dunk a basketball at that weight? Shows how athletic he is.

J-Pick 22, Baltimore , WR Golden Tate, 5' 11" 197, Notre Name (JR) , the common sense pick here is Tate, who immediately brings some stability to the wide-out corps and gives Flacco a tremendous weapon.

W-Pick 23, Philadelphia, RB Jahvid Best, California (JR) , Westbrook is working on borrowed time and Best makes the most sense here. Can anyone say “Franchise running back,” Andy Reid can. If Westbrook does stay healthy, imagine the combo this two could make.

J-Pick 24, Green Bay , TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma , He’s a elite tight end who due to injury fell this far. Rodgers will be lucky to get this target to add to his arsenal.

W-Pick 25, Cincinnati, WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati , He’s the perfect fit to fill in for Chris Henry. This season, he has recorded 80 catches for 1,150 yards and 11 TDs, along with 1,074 kick return yards and an additional two TDs. It may be an emotional pick for them, but it's highly needed anyway. There is no reason not to take him with the loss of TJ and Henry.

J-Pick 26, Arizona, OT Bruce Campbell, 6' 7" 310 lbs. Maryland (JR) , He’s the best available offensive lineman and would protect Warner and keep the pass rush to a minimum. Protecting the blindside of a QB is always key, Campbell can do that easily.

W-Pick 27, Dallas, OG Mike Iupati, Idaho , They need to think about an O-Tackle, and should Bulaga declare for the draft, Campbell is perfect in this slot, instead they have Iupati, the big guard from Idaho.

J-Pick 28, San Diego, DE Everson Griffen, 6' 3" 280 lbs. USC (JR) , The USC player learned how to play D very well from Carrol and the USC coaching staff, where many great defensive players have come from in the last few years. He improved this year and will be the DE the Chargers can have for years to come

J-Pick 29, Minnesota, TE Aaron Hernandez, 6' 2" 250 lbs. Florida , He is a great fit for them because he is the TE they need. at 6'2, 250lbs, he can be a big force. He can catch the ball very well, and is real fast for his size. He is highly dangerous with a ball in his hands.

W-Pick 30, Indianapolis, LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri , Decent size (6' 2" 242 lbs) and great production. This year he has recorded 104 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss and four sacks.

J-Pick 31, New Orleans, DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida (JR) , DUI drops him from top five to 31, but he lands in the lap of New Orleans. A very good DE too, one of the best in the class. The off the field did hurt him, but there is no denying his production. 6'6 290 is not bad for a DE everybody. Highly productive and can be a great addition to the Saints D-Line. This will be a steal for them.

W-Pick 32, New England, OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas, The Ideal 3-4 defense linebacker, great speed, can get to the QB and deflect some passes.


We will probably do a round two and three mock shortly, because there are five possible QBs and lots of other great players which could go since there was no Tebow or McCoy this round, thanks.

Also, we wanted to make sure you knew as much as possible about many of the players we have in the draft here. So, we added a few links to them. Not all have them, but many do and you should check them out when you get a chance.