Trade Winds Are Blowing: Cubs, Mariners, Indians, A's, Yanks, Sox's, Phillies

Aroob KhanContributor IJune 24, 2008

The day all baseball fans look forward too is growing closer and closer and the trade wind are getting louder and louder. This year is going to be one of the biggest trading years. With names like Jr., Dunn, CC., Bedard, Freel, Oswalt you are bound to be glued to the tv or computer.

    One of the biggest names in the market is The Hefty Lefty CC. Sabathia. The Indians are going to get a team of prospects back for Sabathia. Many teams are interested in acquiring the big lefty but claim Cleaveland is asking too much. So far the speculations are that that A's are going to possibly trade Huston Street and a starter for Sabathia which seemes like a offer that many teams can give for Sabathia.

    The Yankees aren't saying it but they will be shopping Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy in an attempt to get a solid starter to replace Wang. Yankee fans can get ready to see eather Bedard or Arroyo in a NYY uniform. The unofficial reports are that the Reds Rays and Yanks might be Involved in a 3 team trade which will involve Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy, Ken Griffey Jr., Arroyo, Andy Sonnanstine, Edwin Jackson, Jason Hammel,. If the trade does down as the report says it would be:

Yanks Get:  Arroyo, Hammel (Yanks get their Temporary Wang Replacement)

Reds Get: Andy Sonnanstine, Edwin Jackson, Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy (Reds get the young pitching they wanted)

Rays Get: Ken Griffey Jr. ( Rays get their OF fix with Ken Griffey Jr)


    The Yankees have also comeup in talks for Bedard. The Mariners want a pitching prospect pitching in the majors and a team of minor league prospects for Bedard. No word if there have been any offers.

    On the other side of NY the Mets have be reinvented and are winning. Now they want a righty bat who can take the load off Delgado. Possible names that could be headed to NY are Shelley Duncan and Richie Sexon.

                  More Information will be made available As it comes out.