2008 Bay Area Sports Awards

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

I would like to welcome all of you to the Bay Area Sports Awards. Without further delay, lets get to it.

Best Surprise: Tie between Justin Duchscherer and Bengie Molina.

Duchscherer has been putting out great start after great start. He has been the best pitcher on a good A's pitching staff. Bengie Molina has provided a spark to a lineup predicted to be the worst in baseball. Bengie is so clutch that people nicknamed him "Money."

Best Stadium: AT&T Park.

There is no-doubt, this was hands down the easiest choice. AT&T is an incredible park with waterfront views. Lots of credit to Peter Magowan and the rest of the Giants management for getting this ballpark built.

Best Up-And-Coming Young Star: Tie between Tim Lincecum and Patrick Willis.

Lincecum is electric on the mound, and will anchor the pitching staff for years to come. Lincecum is a Cy Young winner waiting to happen. On the other hand, Patrick Willis is the Defensive Rookie of the Year, and looks like a future Hall of Famer ala Mike Singletary. Willis has Niner fans excited for years to come.

Most Important X-Facor: Alex D. Smith.

The Niners season revolves around Alex Smith, and his play. Also, the last three seasons of development will be considered a waste of time if Smith is a bust. So basically, if Smith is a bust, the Niners wasted at least five seasons going nowhere.

Worst team: Tie between San Francisco Giants and Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are an absolute mess, with Al Davis signing players to enormous contracts. The Giants are stuck with veterans that are preventing the team from moving forward into a new era.

Best Team: Tie between San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors.

The Sharks are extremely talented and win close to 50 games every season. They make the playoffs and contend for the Stanley Cup. The Warriors have revived Run TMC (or at least tried to) and make all their games extremely exciting. Baron Davis and Stephen "Stack Jack" Jackson have Oracle Arena going crazy. It's a great time out!

LVP: Barry Zito.

What a disaster. $18 million per season (he's making $14 million this season) for 2-10 and a 6.32 ERA. Everyone in the Bay Area is desperate. What can we do for this guy? His fastball is only 84 mph, and his confidence is destroyed. People have suggested the bullpen, Single-A, Triple-A, Rick Peterson, buy him out, or even cut him entirely.

MVP: Tim Lincecum.

This guy brightens every Giants fan's day, even if the team sucks. He is almost a guaranteed win when he is on the mound. Lincecum is one of the top-five pitchers in the majors right now. What can I say? Everyone knows how good he is, and now he is an absolute superstar.