Toronto Blue Jays: Statistical Position-by-Position Analysis

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IJune 23, 2008

If you were to look up the definition of the word "underachieving", you would most likely find a team picture of the 2008 Toronto Blue Jays.

Everyone, including myself, had the highest of expectations coming into this season, but we are nearly at the halfway point and this team shows no signs of improving.

In this article I thought it would be fun to break down each Blue Jay players stats and determine their rank among other players at their position.

The stats I choose to evaluate are At-Bats (AB), On Base Percentage (OBP), Batting Average (BA), Home Runs (HR), Runs (R), and Runs Batted In (RBI) and on base plus slugging (OPS), enjoy!

Catchers: Out of 80 Catchers
Rod Barajas
AB: 146 (25th)
OBP: .356 (19th)
BA: .295 (19th)
HR: 5 (T-13th)
RBI: 23 (T-17th)
R: 17 (T-19th)
OPS: .836 (13th)
Average Rank: 17.8

Gregg Zaun
AB: 138 (27th)
OBP: .360 (16th)
BA: .261 (33rd)
HR: 4th (T-18th)
RBI: 13 (T-37th)
R: 17 (T-19th)
OPS: .759 (23rd)

Average Rank: 24.7

First Basemen: Out of 50 First Basemen
Lyle Overbay
AB: 249 (16th)
OBP: .369 (13th)
BA: .265 (23rd)
HR: 6 (26th)
RBI: 30 (23rd)
R: 32 (20th)
OPS: .775 (25th)

Average Rank: 20.8

Second Basemen: Out of 59 Second Basemen
Aaron Hill
AB: 205 (24th)
OBP: .324 (31st)
BA: .263 (30th)
HR: 2 (T-27th)
RBI: 20 (T-20th)
R: 19 (T-30th)
OPS: .685 (34th)

Average Rank: 28

Third Basemen: Out of 60 Second Basemen
Scott Rolen
AB: 188 (27th)
OBP: .370 (T-12th)
BA: .271 (25th)
HR: 4 (T-27th)
RBI: 19 (29th)
R: 22 (28th)
OPS: .801 (22nd)

Average Rank: 24.3

Shortstops: Out of 65 Shortstops
Marco Scutaro
AB: 209 (20th)
OBP: .347 (22nd)
BA: .249 (40th)
HR: 2 (T-23rd)
RBI: 24 (17th)
R: 29 (18th)
OPS: .663 (37th)

Average Rank: 25.3

David Eckstein
AB: 179 (23rd)
OBP: .367 (12th)
BA: .279 (24th)
HR: 1 (T-26th)
RBI: 17 (T-24th)
R: 20 (25th)
OPS: .725 (22nd)

Average Rank: 22.3

John Macdonald
AB: 35 (55th)
OBP:  .256 (50th)
BA: .171 (T-55th)
HR: 0 (T-Last)
RBI: 1 (T-58th)
R: 3 (T-52nd)
OPS: .456 (54th)

Average Rank: 54.9

Outfielders: Out of 191 Outfielders
Alex Rios
AB: 298 (7th)
OBP: .329 (T-96th)
BA: .272 (T-71st)
HR: 3 (T-88th)
RBI: 28 (T-56th)
R: 40 (T-29th)
OPS: .708 (99th)

Average Rank: 63.7

Vernon Wells
AB: 195 (T- 72nd)
OBP: .321 (111th)
BA: .277 (T-58th)
HR: 7 (T-51st)
RBI: 30 (51st)
R: 28 (T-67th)
OPS: .752 (80th)

Average Rank: 68.6

Shannon Stewart
AB: 175 (T-182nd)
OBP: .325 (T-103rd)
BA: .240 (T-121st)
HR: 1 (T-116th)
RBI: 14 (T-97th)
R: 14 (T-107th)
OPS: .628 (141st)

Average Rank: 123.9

Brad Wilkerson
AB: 175 (T-182nd)
OBP: .328 (98th)
BA: .240 (T-121st)
HR: 3 (T-88th)
RBI: 19 (T-86th)
R: 15 (T-105th)
OPS: .671 (121st)

Average Rank: 114.4

Joe Inglett
AB: 91 (117th)
OBP: .373 (31st)
BA: .308 (17th)
HR: 1 (T- 116th)
RBI: 11 (T-114th)
R: 8 (T-131st)
OPS: .823 (48th)

Average Rank: 82

Kevin Mench
AB: 62nd (T-135th)
OBP: .282 (157th)
BA: .210 (150th)
HR: 0 (Last)
RBI: 5 (T-136th)
R: 8 (T-131st)
OPS: .572 (152nd)

Average Rank: 147.2

Designated Hitters: Out of 21 DH’s
Matt Stairs
AB: 192 (8th)
OBP: .330 (T-12th)
BA: .255 (10th)
HR: 8 (6th)
RBI: 26 (9th)
R: 28 (7th)
OPS:  .742 (11th)

Average Rank: 9

As you can see from this, none of our position players average a ranking that would be considered in the top half of starting players.

Now, will a new hitting coach change these dreadful stats?

Matt Stairs seems to think so.

He was quoted as saying that the recently fired Gary Denbo had every player trying to hit to all fields and trying to force walks from opposing pitchers. It may have been a good thing to teach certain teams but Matt Stairs think that the Jays have many good hitters and they should be allowed to pull the ball as they see fit.

He thinks the Jays will begin to hit more home runs and score more, we will have to see if this happens to be true at the end of the season.