Final Thoughts On The Raiders Season: Where Do We Go?

tyler perraultContributor IJanuary 3, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 26:  Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey #12 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates a touchdown with Robert Gallery #76 against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on November 26, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Well its been a long rollercoster ride of a season. It starts in april with the NFL draft we reach for a blazing deep threat reciever in the first round, follow it up with a unkwown commodity at safety with the second pick, and then a DE, WR, TE to name a few. Training camp starts J-rock apparently shows up overweight to start his downfall of a once promising career his only reliable looking preseason reciver goes down (Schilens with a broken foot) and it begins to look like we'll have a solid running game. Well another 5-11 season has happened. And where are we now? Well no running game, bad playcalling, incosistency, defence that has been good but gives up big plays, doesnt contain, and not to mention penalties.

Well where do we start? First its cutting the fat (no pun intended) Jamarcus Russel I have supported you in full but the time has come we obviously cant be the team that will groom you or help you reach your potential, no support from your team, the fans, and im beginning to even think the big man upstairs has lost his faith. O-Line... where to begin? LT im not worried about Mario is young and played well, Gallery will be back at LG no problems there, satele can be a plausable C, But RG and RT are HUGE issues with this team the right side compared to the left yards per rush (with gallery) as well as the amount of pressure on the QB that lead to countless sacks on captain skittles, injuries with gradkowski and now frye. This needs to be fixed immediatly and I hope Al davis realizes this. Im not worried about recivers Murphy has been gold, schilens is looking good, Higgins is a solid 3/4 option and who knows about DHB. RB have potential to be good if they can get blocking and QB... Oh QB's nothing needs to be said about you that hasn't already been said countless times before.

Now I have been reading alot of how many of you support Tom Cable and think he isnt a big problem with this team, but i cannot just say that. We are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL especially on the offensive line which is btw his area of expertise? hmm doesnt sound right but okay. He calls plays which he really has no buisness doing every category of any aspect of the game has gone down this year from the last soo as much as he seems like a nice guy and has the team "together" he has to be gone. Or at least demoted. 

So we go from here new coach dont know who yet? harbaugh, fassel, weis, gruden, gilbride I dont care. They are all plausible coaches who will bring the right attitude to this team and hopefully cut down on the stupidity which we seem to bring to the table for the past 6 years.

To be completley honest im not to worried about QB maybe we could get a guy like quinn, leinart, pennington, vick or whoever through trades or free agency. Losman and gradkowski are fine to me since trent dilfer won a super bowl anything can happen dont throw picks and ill buy your jersey that simple.

The draft many of you critize Mr Davis for his flops in the first round but he has done a decent job at drafting players in the later rounds his last draft has Murphy, Mitchell, Schaugganes, and that TE who i cant seem to remember his name at this moment... who all of which seems to have played above their draft spot and could all start one day. And as for DHB we dont know yet they say it takes 3 years for a reciver to get it. Just take a look at steve smith this year he was thought to be a bust and comes out this year. so ill leave him alone for know. But AL likes to draft by potential in the first round and seems to have found a knack for finding talent in the later rounds. If he follows by this strategy this year we might be in for more of this up and down performances, but if he gets this right and we can get an offensive line, we resign seymour and our two LB's. We have a good chance of having a team that will win 8+ games next year. So please Mr Davis lets draft a tackle please please please ill take mcclain if we dont resign morrision/howard. But thats the only case. We will win if we get a O line.