Eskimos Vs. Roughriders Pre-Game Analysis: Part 1

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJune 21, 2008

Another season is almost underway and both Western match-ups promise to be great ones. Being a Rider fan, I love to argue and bicker about points for and against them. We yet to know whether they will win the game or not, but we CAN take a closer look.


In my mind, the Eskies clearly have the quarterback advantage. Being one of the best QB's in the league, Ricky Ray is obviously listed as their starter. They have Lefors as backup and Maas at 3rd but I can't see it staying that way because we have all seen what a healthy Maas does in Edmonton. The Riders' QB's aren't quite as strong. Listed as our number one as of now, we have over the hill former Grey Cup MVP Marcus Crandell at them helm, but I would expect Darian Durant to takeover in the near future. Also filling the third spot for an injured Drew Date is Stephen Jyles.

Advantage: Eskimos

When it comes to RBs and WRs, the Roughridersare a little banged up. Although they have many receivers, top dog Matt Dominguez and contributer Mike Washington are both on the disabled list. Also injured, are running backs Henri Childs and Stu Ford. It is safe to say that last years starter Wes Cates will be the main back for the Roughriders on Saturday. On the receiving end, although to key receivers are injured, the Riders still have many great ones. I would expect Andy Fantuz to lead the charge also with DJ Flick, Corey Grant and Michael Palmer starting along side him.

Import running back Damien Anderson is expected to be the back starting for the. Anderson played in 30 games with the Arizona Cardinals and had 45 carries for 142 yards, 9 receptions for 72 yards and 15 kickoff returns for 265 yards. On the receiving end, I would expect a balanced lineup to with Jason Tucker, Brock Ralph, Kamau Peterson and Fred Stamps leading the charge.

Advantage: Roughriders

Although I know they are very important, I do not know much about the O-Lineman on these teams and therefore cannot push very many arguments on them. But I do know that the Riders have experience. I would expect the starters to be veterans Gene Mackowski, Jeremy O'Day, Wayne Smith, Mike Abou-Mechrek and Glenn January. This expirienced and farely stacked line should fair well this season and against the Eskimoes. Speaking of the Eskimoes, their line is also very good with the Comisky brothers and massive Patrick Kobongo leading the charge.

Advantage: Roughriders

So their is my analysis on the offence of these two teams. Part 2, the defense should be up shortly.