Russel Okung and Kansas City Chiefs a Match from Heaven?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2009

The Chiefs have had a season that have many fans wondering what in the world are Todd Haley and Scott Pioli thinking.

There are many glaring weaknesses and many other positions that will become bad if the Chiefs can't improve.

Quarterback Matt Cassel has not put up very good numbers at all. Most of the interceptions are his fault but five or six of them are not really his fault.

So there really is no way to evaluate Matt Cassel after this season.

Every Chiefs fan, including myself, can't wait until April 22. That is the day the NFL Draft kicks off. It starts off at 7:30 p.m., and the Chiefs will most likely be picking in the top five for the third straight year—which along with the Rams is the current longest streak in the NFL.

Who do the Chiefs need?

I have two words for you, Russell Okung.

Okung is a monster at 6'8" 299lbs. He is surprisingly athletic for his size and has huge hands and quick feet. He would either play at right tackle or he would stay at left tackle and Brandon Albert would move to guard, where he played in college.

Okung is rated as the sixth best prospect, according to The No. 1 prospect is safety Eric Berry.

Safety is probably No. 2 on the needs list for the Chiefs. So who would you rather have, Okung or Berry?

The Chiefs really need to add some weapons though. If I were Scott Pioli I would take Okung and then a wide receiver and a safety with my two second round picks. After that, I might draft another lineman and then get a running back, maybe a linebacker, and with my last pick I would take another wide receiver.

The Chiefs have nine total picks at the moment. They received a second round pick from Atlanta when they traded Tony Gonzalez last summer, and the Chiefs received a sixth round pick from Miami for Tyler Thigpen.

This draft is probably the most important for the Chiefs in a long time. If the Chiefs cannot get a player that has Pro Bowl potential, the Chiefs will be in a deep depression for many years to come, but let's face it, when was the last time the Chiefs had a good draft?

I have one Christmas wish for the Kansas City Chiefs—draft Russell Okung!