Giants Win Big in Washington

Sports Radio NY AM1240-WGBBContributor IDecember 22, 2009

The story of the Washington Redskins was their final play of the first half, when instead of attempting a field goal, they lined up most of the line all the way to the left, motioned the kicker out left, and then holder (and punter) Hunter Smith threw a pass that was thrown in a crowd of about 6 Giants and eventually intercepted. It was a play that I feel should go down in the books as the “worst play-call ever.”

But the New York Giants were impressive. Before the game began, we knew the Giants would not have Kareem McKenzie (former Penn Stater, if I may) on their offensive line and would not have Aaron Ross or Corey Webster on defense. Of Course Kenny Phillips and Antonio Pierce were still out as well. Early in the game Rich Seubert got injured and the Giants lost a second man from their offensive line.

It was a day where you may have thought with the holes in the Giants defense as of late, in addition to the “giant” list of injured players, Jason Campbell would look like the best Quarterback whoever lived.

However, with Brian Sheridan trying to keep his job, his defensive line recorded 5 sacks after not being able to get any pressure for much of the season. The Giants defense overall just looked stellar as the Giants defeated the Redskins 45-12.

Eli Manning continued his success throwing for nearly 270 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

It should be noted that in a year where the Giants have a very inexperienced wide receiving corps, Eli Manning is actually having one of his best years of his career… arguably THE best. His completion percentage of  is a new career high as of right now. He has also now thrown the most touchdowns of his career this season. His QB rating is also the best it has ever been. All of this showed in the route over the Redskins.

The Giants are not mathematically out of the playoffs and they needed a win against the Redskins and they arguably played the best game of the season. It is hard to say whether or not they will make the playoffs, but if they do, and they continue to play like this, they could be in the discussions for another miraculous run to the Super Bowl. But I won’t get ahead of myself. They still need to win out, and even if they do, they still probably will miss the playoffs. The loss to the Eagles last week was a killer.

But right now, the Giants hopes are still alive, and the week after we officially said Bill Sheridan will not return as defensive coordinator, well now we need to stop and think a little bit harder.

We shall see what happens moving forward, but the Giants and their fans are certainly more comfortable and confident looking ahead to Carolina and then Brett Favre and the Vikings.