Open Mic: Which Sport Has the Best Athletes

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 20, 2008

Which sport has the best athletes?

To me, an athlete is not just somebody that can do a tedious task for a long time, but also somebody who has a very unique skill as well in doing it.

The task must be physical and go towards a common goal— usually a championship.

Golf is an athletic sport, so is football, basketball, baseball, racing, soccer, rugby, and ice hockey.

So, which sport has the most athletic athletes?


These guys punish their bodies for the sake of the Lombardi Trophy.  The work is possibly more physically demanding than any other sport from a brutality standpoint.

However, the work is very mundane.  Besides memorizing the plays, everybody basically tries to get a ball into an area on the field.

There are intricacies that aren't shown to the human eye, but there is nothing that a normal person can't do, which is why there are so many pick-up football games.


It’s a sport loved worldwide.  The task that these athletes face for running form well over an hour, while trying to get the ball into the goal is extremely athletic.

There are many intricacies that are involved including the ability to get the ball to where you want it using anything but your hands.

The concentration that these guys have to use their heads, chests, knees, and feet to move the ball is extremely difficult to master.


These athletes run up and down a court trying to get the ball into a hoop.  It's extremely difficult and takes great hand-eye coordination to complete the passes.

Players that don't score can astound you like Chris Paul and Steve Nash who seem to know where everybody is at any given moment and can make the behind the back pass to the wide open man.

Also, making a basket is a tough feat for somebody new to the sport; it is hard to get the ball into the basket that is barely large enough.


It’s just as physically demanding, if not more so, than American football.  Instead of taking calculated hits, these guys make crude attempts to knock the ball from the opponent and score.

A rugby scrum is the most brutal thing in sports, as basically all the players from both teams are in a deadlock trying to get the ball and push the other team back.


A sport from a hand-eye coordination perspective— there isn't as much running and it comes in bursts of between 90 and 360 feet.

However, they need to make the perfect laser throws, and hitting a baseball coming at you at 90 mph is an astounding feat, which no normal human can do.

Also, these guys are iron tough.

Unlike in soccer or basketball where flopping is a major part of the game, these guys get beaned by a 100 mph pitch, toss the bat to the side, and trot to first base.

The pitchers need pinpoint precision to execute the perfect pass, and some curves that pitchers put on the ball are downright wrong.


The athletes must go on the rink and score a hockey puck while on skates.

Most people can't do this, and because of that, these guys are very skilled athletes.

They also have crazy through the legs passes that they execute while keeping perfect balance.

After carefully looking at each of these sports, I have decided that baseball has the most skilled athletes.

They need to use pinpoint precision that most of us can't do.

They must be constantly getting better once they face good competition.

Many top picks never make the majors, because they weren't ready for the fire they were going to face.