Welcome to the Toolbox: Where did all the Hammers go?

Joel KochSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2008

The season is 2008. We're almost half way through this season, yes half. We have witnessed some remarkable things this year. From Chipper Jones batting over .400 up until June 19 to Josh Hamilton leading the universe in RBIs; the Marlins leading the NL East to the Cubs leading baseball. This season has had just as much excitement and head scratchers as every other season.

Now we get to add fires and floods. No, not the fires that ravaged California last year. No, not the floods that are ravaging through the Midwest right now. I'm talking about the fires in New York and Toronto. I'm talking about the flooding in Seattle.

That's right, the hammer has been dropped. John McLaren, Bill Bavasi, Willie Randolph and now John Gibbons are all looking for new jobs.

This week started out well. Father's day was a great day in baseball, plus a lot of money was raised for prostate cancer research. Then, on Monday the 16th, the flood gates opened. Bavasi and the Seattle Mariners parted ways. Bavasi was named the Seattle general manager in November of 2003. He put some decent teams on the field during his tenure. Most notably the 2008 team (before the season started mind you) was a team that was going to shakeup the AL West. Well, after 69 games, the Mariners found out that baseball is the only place where shaking the cellar won't ruin the roof.

Close to 12 hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, the New York Mets fired Randolph as manager. They fired him in a way that reminded some Midwesterners of the decision to terminate Chief Illiniwek: done in a disgraceful manner, hidden under an email press release. Randolph was an overrated manager, managing in a city where his team wasn't even the second most favored team (the Red Sox are more popular than the Mets in New York...THE RED SOX) in his city. He lead his team to an NLCS loss in 2006 and an epic collapse that will never go away. Now, he's looking for a job. Maybe in...

Seattle? Wait, what? No way they fired their manager just a mere three days after they fired their GM. Wait, they did actually. Trying to hide their mistakes and make it seem like ownership cares, they fired McLaren. McLarenwas manager for just over a year. With the hiring of Jim Riggleman, the Mariners showed they have no idea what they're doing. This is the FIFTH manager in SIX years. Could things get any worse?

And now today, the final(?) hammer has dropped: John Gibbons out as Blue Jays manager. A majority of Blue Jays fans have been calling for Gibbons head for years. They wanted him fired after 2006, after 2007 and any time during 2008. Well, they wished upon a star because Gibbons is out. In a surprise counter move, the ever wishful thinking JP Richarrdi hired Cito Gastin as his new manager. Maybe to save his job? Perhaps, but that tale is saved for the offseason.

So everyone, if you like the weather, you most be enjoying baseball this week. The flooding of firing is continuing, and it may not stop here. Ned Yost and his Milwaukee Brewers are starting to put two and two together to get four (though Prince Fielder is adding much bigger numbers together), but that doesn't mean Yostwill be sticking around. He and Cecil Cooper are on the hottest seats now, with Cooper starting to look a boiled pot. Will he spill? Stay tuned.