Adam Dunn to Toronto? Not on Your Life!

Chris HesterSenior Analyst IJune 20, 2008

Adam Dunn will almost certainly become a free agent at the end of the 2008 season. Picture how nice the Toronto Blue Jays' lineup would look with his 40+ HRs plugged in between the young Alex Rios and All-Star Vernon Wells.

J.P. Ricciardi has made sure this will never happen.

During his Wednesday-night radio show, a caller asked J.P. about the chances of making a trade for the Cincinnati Reds slugger. His response has drawn the ire of the laid-back Texan.

"He's a lifetime .230-.240 hitter that strikes out a ton and hits home runs.
Did you know the guy doesn't really like baseball that much? Did you know the guy doesn't have a passion to play the game that much? I don't think you'd be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here...We've done our homework on guys like Adam Dunn, and there's a reason why we don't want Adam Dunn."

Needless to say, Adam was ready to fire back once informed about Ricciardi's comments. Quoting an interview from C. Trent Rosecrans blog, Dunn responded with:

I don’t know the clown. I don’t know, and you can use the word ‘clown’ if you like.

I’ve seen it, I haven’t heard it. I really don’t care what one guy thinks, to be honest with you. If I’m a G.M., I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to discredit a player—if I’m a player. He’s obviously won more than me, I guess. Or hasn’t. I know nothing about him.

The players didn’t say anything, it’s just some clown sitting in a front office, pushing paper. I don’t play for any other reason than the guys here. I’ve said it all along, it doesn’t bother me what people say or think, especially someone outside of the organization who has no idea of anything that goes on here. He’s not even in our country. This guy’s in another country talking ****.

He felt like he needed to say it for some reason, I have no idea why, and I don’t care. He could be in this clubhouse right now, I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t tell you his name, what he looks like—he’s got a big mouth, that’s all I know about him.

I read it, I just read it. I don’t care. He doesn’t have to use my name, use someone else’s name. I’m not taking up for him, because I don’t care about him. I don’t know who he is. I’m not going to sit here and defend someone who’s going to sit there and say I don’t care about baseball.

It pisses me off, to be honest with you. He doesn’t even know me. If he knew me, fine. Say what you want. But this guy doesn’t know anything about me, other than what he sees on whatever SportsCenter they have on up there. That’s it.

It pisses me off. It does. I just told you it pisses me off when people who have no idea what the **** goes on around here and then say—I don’t give a **** what people say in this clubhouse, I don’t care, besides what’s said in here. I don’t care about the perception people have of me, if anything happens, it looks like I ain’t going to Toronto. I can eliminate one team.

I’m not converting my dollars into looneys and twoneys just yet. They’re really good, actually."


Call me crazy, but why in the world would a GM of any team go out of his way to bash a player from another team? 

Does Dunn strike out a lot? Certainly. That being said, he could be the power threat a team like Toronto needs to put them over the hump. 

If J.P.'s scouts actually sit and watch the Reds play (I wouldn't wish that on anyone right now), they would note that one of the main reasons Adam strikes out so much is because he is so selective at the plate.

He has a very good eye, but tends to lay off too many borderline pitches, and that typically gets him behind in the count.

All of that being said, you can basically plug him in for 40+ home runs and 100+ RBI each season. Any lineup, including yours Mr. Ricciardi, would love to have that type of threat in the middle. You sir, have made sure that will never happen.