This Is More Like It For The Yankees

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2008

Sometimes when things are going wrong, your team will find any way to lose ball games.  Sometimes when things are going right your team will find ways to win them.  Sure today's win was against the lowly Padres in an inter-league game but the Yankees didn't have their best hitting and were able to manufacture runs.

Cabrera walked, stole 2nd, stole 3rd and then scored on a deep sac-fly by Jose Molina.  That is essentially National League ball in which you are able to create a run without a towering home run shot.

In today's game the Yankees recorded 15 strikeouts.  That is pretty darn good, led by Joba's 9 in 5.2 innings.  The middle relief and Mo did the job that they had to do to pull out a 2-1 win.  The Yankees have now swept their last 2 series.

So I will say it again YANKEES FANS NEED NOT PANIC. The baseball season is a marathon, it is not a sprint. You might want to grimace that the #1 pitcher on the staff is out until September but Joba Chamberlin has showed that he has elite stuff even as a starter.  Are you still questioning his move to the rotation? 

I know it is hard to get excited about Sidney Ponson but he has pitched well this year (4-1, 3.88 ERA).  Someone though needs to make sure that he is staying away from the New York night life because of his drinking problems.  Also look for the Yankees to make a move to try and get another pitcher.  I'm not think CC Sabathia because it is a bad value to go get him. Eric Bedard though is a possibility because the Mariners will be having a fire sale and could consider trading him if the right package is presented.  The Yankees find starters pretty well usually (think 05 finding Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon, 08 with Rasner). Personally I would love to see the Yankees bring back  David Wells.  He might be old, out of shape but he is a gamer and throws strikes.  This will not happen though.

I said wait until Alex and Jorge come back to help make the line up that much deeper, they did and look at the results.  A-ROD, Jorge, Damon, Matsui are all Yankee regulars who are hitting above .320.  There really is not one easy out in this entire line up.  Robinson Cano has been in a season long slump and he is still considered a future great hitter.

The bottom line though is that they are playing better baseball, finding ways to win as opposed lose games.  The only downside is who will replace Chien Ming Wang?  But I have said before for no Yankee fan to panic and of course I was right.