Minnesota Twins: Consistency Is the Key

Justin DahlkeContributor IJune 19, 2008

The Twins are on a good run. Having won four of their last six games, the Twins appear to be a playoff-caliber team.

However, their recent road trip is strong evidence to the contrary. The Twins played sub-.500 ball while making stops in Chicago and Cleveland.

A four-games sweep in Chicago by being outscored 40-15, with terrible pitching, doesn't seem like the way to make a run towards the playoffs.

At one point during the road trip, the Twins' starting pitching went 1-5 through seven games. And through those seven games, the starters had quality starts only one time.

The problem, unfortunately, is not solely in the pitching department. Problems also spring up in the areas of hitting, specifically, more consistent and timely hitting.

It is amazing to watch the Twins rapidly go up and down in regard to scoring runs. The Boston series is a great example.

The Twins scored seven or more runs in three of those games. Those were the games they won. The score of the only game the Twins dropped to Boston was 5-2.

The Twins played great baseball against Boston. They won three out of four games played at the Metrodome. But, immediately following that great series, they were swept in three games at Toronto.

The Twins have a disease that I call, "Beat the teams you want, lose to teams you shouldn't."

As an example, the Twins should beat teams such as Kansas City and other teams below the .500 mark. They should also be happy to steal a couple of victories from teams like Boston and New York (Yankees).

Losing to teams like Kansas City and Seattle, teams that are all but out of the playoff picture, make it tough to make it to postseason play.

There is no one thing that can be blamed for the Twins' ups and downs. It always seems that when hitting is good, pitching is down, and vice versa. The club needs to find that zone where both areas are firing on all cylinders.

For now, the Twins need to get back on the track of victory. They should aim to win every series that they play.  

Winning four out of six is great, but dropping the next five games erases all of the work they have done.

The Twins are going for a series sweep against the Washington Nationals today at noon.