Proof God is a Bruin: A Close Encounter with (Not) OJ Simpson's Ford Bronco!

AndySenior Analyst IJune 18, 2008

So I’m visiting the folks in Vegas…and I think I see something…

Nah. That’s too good to be true…that couldn’t possibly say…

“NOT OJS”! HAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I guess after the owner’s 4th unintended low speed chase, she realized she had to send a message out loud and clear.

God is a Bruin, or else he/she wouldn’t have directed me to this beautiful 2-ton specimen (Did I just say beautiful 2-ton specimen? I lay off the fat chicks. I swear to God I do.) I, a grown man, fell on the cement and started laughing in the middle of a K-Mart parking lot.

Someone up there wears baby blue and gold…

but apparently he/she wears Celtic’s gear too.  Lame.

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