Los Angeles Dodgers' Current Woes

Allen LieuCorrespondent IJune 18, 2008

Yikes! I thought my previous article pretty much summed up the problems about the Dodgers but boy was I wrong.

What has happened since the last time? Injuries have plagued the Dodgers for years but what team does not go through their share of injuries?

Furcal, who has been out with a back strain, has a bulging disc in his back, which has caused him to cease all baseball activities.

Brad Penny, the pitcher who had a great first half last year, has been relatively ineffective this year. He has more losses than wins. Brad Penny has gone on the 15 day DL and another starter, Hiroki Kuroda, has been sent back to Los Angeles to have his shoulder looked at. We just lost two starters in the course of a week!

Billingsley has stepped it up after struggling in the beginning of the season. Kershaw is amazing and he is still learning the ropes of becoming an effective Major League pitcher.

When and if Furcal comes back, the Dodgers have a serious run at the playoffs. However without the presence of Furcal's bat, speed and defense (anyone else love that cannon of an arm that he has?) the Dodgers need to find some way to generate their offense.

Furcal is that valuable to the organization, so hopefully we will resign him when he is healthy. In 2006, he was one of the reasons the Dodgers went to the playoffs.

In 2007, when he was battling his injuries the whole year, the Dodgers did not make the playoffs. Furcal didn't play towards the end of the 2007 season and the Dodgers record reflected the missing presence of Furcal (in which he battled the same type of injury).

Angel Berrora, who is supposed to fill the gap until Furcal gets back (which is estimated after the All-Star Break), has not really looked like the ROY candidate back when he first started with the Royals.

He really is not that much better than Hu, except he can attempt to hit. His defensive capabilities are also lacking.

Nomar Garciaparra, who is recovering from his calf injury, has begun to resume baseball activities. He has the range to be a shortstop, which is a position that he played at before moving across the diamond from 1B to 3B. Hopefully Nomar can stay healthy in order to help to contribute to stopping this Dodger slide.

The Dodgers are facing the Reds and are on the cusp of a two-game winning streak. Hopefully this is the start of something. The Dodgers are 4.5 back from the Diamondbacks and it is time to pick up some ground.

I Bleed Dodger Blue.