Midweek Round-Up: We Are the Wild and Crazy Guys

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 18, 2008

This is the beginning of what I plan to call the Midweek Round-Up, where I discuss all of the going-ons in sports.

Some will be serious, some will be funny, B/R writers will be praised, and hopefully, it will catch your eyes.

Without further ado, on to what's making news.

Boston Celtics Win NBA Championship After 21-year Drought

Congratulations to the Celtics. I know Sean Crowe is extremely excited; hopefully he is still alive.

Does this mean that the Atlanta Hawks are better than the Lakers because the Celtics beat Hawks in seven and Lakers in six?  So also, congratulations to the Atlanta Hawks for being the second best team in the NBA.

Seeing Kevin Garnett's pure joy as he broke into tears immediately after the victory while pumping his fists in the air was chilling and beautiful, showing the true emotions of victory.

I enjoyed the entire NBA season and am really looking forward to the NBA Draft.

Speaking of the Draft...

My Chicago Bulls have the first pick in the NBA Draft, in case you haven't heard.

So here goes my official endorsement of a pick...are you ready?

Derrick Rose is going to be picked first.  This is a flip-flop of epic proportions, but if the president can do it, so can I.

Rose gives the Bulls a good PG to control the team and trade bait at the guard position.

Now Hear This

I have heard of throwing a game for pay, but throwing the pitch to prove a point?

Ethan Martin was just the ninth straight batter struck out by the opposing team in what was, at the time, a blow out (9-1 in the fourth). But luckily, he had his brother there as the pitcher.

So, Ethan's brother Cody conspired with catcher Matt Hill to get back at the ump.  The next inning, Cody rips a fastball, Hill ducks, and the ball hits the umpire smack dab in the face (it's quite obvious).

So what punishment will these fine men receive? Well, nothing.  Hill said he expected a curveball and instead got a fastball.

So he ducked instead of, you know, trying to catch the ball.  Because if the ball is off target even a little bit, you drop to your knees and pray the ump can stop it with his face.

Just imagine what the umpire had to say to him before the next pitch:

Ump: Are your knees bad or something? That was a pretty unexpected fall.

Hill: I'm fine, I thought it was going to be a curveball and it was a fastball.

Ump: WHAT?!?!

To make this story even better, Ethan Martin was the 15th pick in the MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Javon Walker Nearly Killed in Robbery...I Think We've Heard This One Before

Walker has been seen throwing champagne on a crowd, he likes to live up the life, and now he is an Oakland Raider with a phat new contract and plenty of phat new bling.

Oh, by the way, did I mention he was in Las Vegas? It's a pretty shady city to say the least.

So I wasn't really surprised that he was nearly beaten to death while being robbed once I heard the circumstances (he was coming home from partying).

Why don't these athletes have companies that drive them around if they know they are going to be out?

They know that they are going to be drunk, so at the very least they abstain from drunk driving.  Also, having extra protection will avoid robberies.

Just think of how many careers would have been saved if Lens Luxury Limo had a little more business.

Rocco Mediate is the Real Winner

Sure Tiger Woods won his third U.S Open, but Rocco Mediate, the guy who is ranked 158th in the world, is the real winner this week.

Nobody had heard of the guy, but he was a real underdog.  He didn't overcome everything and beat the best golfer in the world—that would have just been too good.

Instead, he gave him one hell of a match and became my favorite golfer (granted, I less than rarely will watch golf).

Watching him talk to reporters is great; he was in awe of the whole situation, and he knew he wasn't going to beat Tiger, but he knew that he would have a fun time trying.

He doesn't stop talking, but no normal person would stop talking in that kind of situation. That's what separates him from all other athletes; he is a normal person.

Oakland Raiders Fans Have One Big Chip on Their Shoulder

If you write an article about the Chicago Bears depth chart possibilities, where you mention that you think Baltimore has the best corners in the NFL, although only in a brief sentence, you don't expect a lot of bashing...right?

Well, maybe I did such a thing, and was given a lecture about how I apparently don't give the Raiders enough credit at corner.

So here you go: the Raiders have a good set of corners, not the best in the NFL, but top five.

Don't have such a big chip on your shoulder Raiders fans, people are giving you some respect. It's not like you are the Patriots but they are treating you like the Lions; you are the Raiders and people treat you like the Raiders, not the Patriots.

We give you the exact amount of respect you deserve—good, possibly a playoff team, no threat for a Super Bowl yet, look good for the future.

Under-appreciated Writer of the Week: John Lewis

The guy is a writing machine (141 articles in about three months) and he doesn't even get a little respect.

He just broke the NBA top writers and is 24th on the website, but he has just 16 fans.

In my opinion, he is a great writer, and unlike some who just churn out normal articles, his stuff is well researched and interesting.  Hopefully more people will find his work and get him some more publicity.

There goes the first edition of Midweek Round-Up. Look forward to next week, if I really do stick with it (and I sure hope I do).

I'm Joe W.

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