What Sean Suisham Can Do for Redskins

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IDecember 6, 2009

After a heartbreaking loss like the one the Redskins just suffered at the hands of the Saints, you never want to dwell on what went wrong, who missed what, and what owner caused it all. The easy route for a blogger would be to rip Sean Suisham for a missed field goal that would’ve insured a win and a halfway decent highlight for this year’s NFL Films package.

Instead, Suisham is the goat for the second consecutive week, and will probably not be in Washington by next Thursday, either by being cut by the team or by disappearance into the Potomac.

So we know Suisham can’t make field goals. At least not in Washington. But for the sake of not laughing out loud at down-trodden Redskins fans, why don’t we highlight some of the things Sean Suisham can do.

  • Sean Suisham can make Redskins haters laugh.
  • Sean Suisham can make Dallas Cowboys fans believe.
  • Sean Suisham can make Jim Zorn speak positively.
  • Sean Suisham can make Mister Irrelevant’s list of "Winners and Losers."
  • Sean Suisham can make everyone forget that LaRon Landry actually lost the game.
  • Sean Suisham can make Steve Hauschka feel a lot better.
  • Sean Suisham can make Vinny Cerrato draft a place kicker in the first round of next year’s NFL Draft.
  • Sean Suisham can make Ralph Friedgen’s face time in the Washington Post a lot less frequent.
  • Sean Suisham can make Sherm Lewis blush.
  • Sean Suisham can make Tom Cruise into a part-time motivational speaker.
  • Sean Suisham can make the city pay more attention to the Washington Wizards.


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