Turn Around Or Go Down: The Hawks' 2010 Draft

Josh HilemanContributor INovember 30, 2009

ST. LOUIS - NOVEMBER 29:  Donnie Avery #17 of the St. Louis Rams is tackled by Kelly Jennings #21 and Jordan Babineaux #27 both of the Seattle Seahawks at the Edward Jones Dome on November 29, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks next few years comes down to one thing: the 2010 NFL Draft. Will the Seahawks finally start drafting for the positions they need and not for what they evaluate as "talent"? Or will the team continue its recent downward spiral?

Hopefully, if the incompetent GM can take care of business while he still has a job, then this team will be right back in the playoff hunt in 2010 or 2011.

Obviously, all the mock drafts are just predictions and opinions by so-called "experts" about why this team should choose this guy and why he fits here and so forth.

In the same spirit, I'll throw my two cents out there for the only team that matters to me—the Hawks. I used to bleed nothing but blue, but there is definitely a lot of green in there, too.

I'll go round by round and "draft a player" who I feel will help the Hawks, maybe not immediately, but someone who will be a solid player on and off the field. In addition, I will explain why I feel each player fits into the scheme and rebuilding of the great Seattle Seahawks.

I will proceed as if the Hawks have the ninth pick overall and Denver gives them the 20th pick, as well as Seattle receives the ninth pick in every other round, as well.

It should be noted that the Seahawks do not have a third-round pick, as it was traded last year for Deon Butler.

Don't look now, but with the ninth pick overall in the 2010 NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select...

Bryan Bulaga OT (6'6" 312 lbs.) from Iowa.

Not really a big name pick, especially in the top 10 of the draft, but that is not what the Hawks need. Yes, other tackles should be available, such as Trent Williams from Oklahoma and Ciron Black from LSU, but the logic here is that Bulaga is young.

He is only a junior, while the other two are seniors. Bulaga also plays at Iowa, which uses a similar zone blocking scheme like the Hawks. This pick was made more out of need and longevity for the ailing and struggling OL.

Bulaga be able to step in and play either tackle position, which would allow Walter Jones to retire or give the Hawks reason to move Locklear to the right tackle position.

Bulaga started every game his sophomore year, and, besides missing three games this year with the flu, he has started every game this year, too.

In short, he is a possible future Pro Bowler and a cornerstone of an OL to replace one of the all-time greats.

With the 20th overall pick, the Seattle Seahawks select...

George Selvie DE (6'4" 250 lbs.) from South Florida.

This was a difficult pick. Yes, the Hawks have a lot of DE, but pressure on the QB has been an issue all year (except when they play the Rams). That said, Selvie is a monster from the end position.

He started every game in college after he received a redshirt year. Every year, he posted double-digit tackles for loss. Often double-teamed during his junior and senior seasons, Selvie's stats took a hit from the 31.5 tackles for loss and 14.5 sacks his sophomore year, which ranked first and second in the nation, respectively.

For his junior season, Selvie recorded 15 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks. They are lower numbers, but how often do rookie DEs get double-teamed? He can come in and automatically make a difference for this Hawks team, who is struggling this year to make plays before the line of scrimmage.

My other choices would be C.J. Spiller from Clemson or Terrence Cody from Alabama, but I feel they will be gone before this pick.

With the 41st pick in the 2010 draft the Seahawks select...

Ras-I Dowling CB/FS (6'2" 200 lbs.) from Virginia.

Though he is an unknown unless you study college football, Dowling is definitely what the Seahawks need—a big, physical cover corner who could also play free safety in the NFL.

He has the speed and the size to cover big receivers, which is Seattle's CBs have struggled with this year. Seattle's "No. 1" CB leads the league in pass interference calls, making this a must-pick, especially with Boldin, Fitzgerald, and now the emergence of Crabtree.

Dowling, also just a junior, still has time to learn and grow into possibly a Charles Woodson type of player. I could also see the Hawks go for a DT, RB, or QB here, but those issues will be addressed later in the draft.

This just in. The Seahawks trade Deion Branch in a crowded WR corps to the San Diego Chargers for the Chargers' third-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Pure hope on my part, but it could happen since San Diego will likely have both their WRs hitting the free agent market at the end of the year.

Branch was traded to the Hawks for a first-round pick, and now I am happy getting a third for him. Wow, what a great trade for the first year he was here, and then a bust due to injury. Anyway, with the Chargers' pick in the third round, the Seattle Seahawks select...

Ryan Mallett (6'6" 250 lbs.) from Arkansas.

He probably won't be available in the third round, but there is always a chance, as you can tell with the Branch trade. Mallett has a cannon for an arm but has limited mobility.

He reminds me a little of Matt Hasselbeck in how he uses his accuracy and smarts to deliver the ball where he wants it, but Mallett has a much stronger arm than Hasselbeck.

Mallett is also only a redshirt sophomore this year, which is the reason I like the thought of the Hawks picking him. He can sit behind Matt for a few years and learn the NFL game, while improving his skills daily.

Another thing Mallett has is height. He can easily see over the top of his OL and even over some of the coverage to look down field. He plays on a team that is not great, but he continues to put up big numbers because of his skill.

Realistically, he will be picked in the second or first round, which would make Case Keenum from Houston a more logical pick, since he has the same skill set except he is more mobile and a few inches shorter.

In the fourth round Seattle selects...

Nate Collins DT (6'3" 295 lbs.) from Virginia.

Though not too well-known, Collins should be for the year he is having. He is getting all the attention from the opposing team and still stepped up with a big season with 76 tackles, 11.5 TFL, and six sacks.

Collins could make a huge difference right away, and he has the talent to be the run stopper the Hawks are lacking right now.

Two other DTs who I could see going are Jay Ross from East Carolina or Corey Peters from Kentucky. But I'm going with two defensive players from Virginia, Dowling and Collins. These players just fit in with what the Hawks need.

In the fifth round, the Seahawks select...

Barry Church S (6'2" 219 lbs.) from Toledo.

This guy is a tackling machine, and he has the size to play in the NFL. The only question is what position does he play? Most "experts" are labeling him as a safety-linebacker tweener.

I don't care what they say he is; I'm saying this guy started every game and ended his college career with 354 tackles, five forced fumbles, nine interceptions, and two sacks.

Church is a finalist for the Thorpe Award (the best DB in the nation). Overall, this pick is made because the Hawks have trouble wrapping up on tackles, and the safeties are getting older.

Church is a solid pick and possibly a steal in the later rounds.

The Seahawks select in the sixth round...

Keith Toston RB (6'1" 205 lbs) from Oklahoma State.

For some reason, Toston is slipping down draft boards because he didn't have a good showing against Oklahoma in the Bedlam game on Saturday, but I have a different view.

Oklahoma came out possessed on defense, and, though Toston only had 10 attempts, he ended with 47 yards. Oklahoma State was trailing the entire game, and the offense was horrible, but 4.7 yards a carry against the eighth-ranked rush defense is not a bad game at all.

Toston finished the regular season with 1,177 rushing yds and 11 TDs, as well as 256 receiving yards and one TD. Toston may be the most complete RB in the Big 12.

He doesn't get near as much publicity as DeMarco Murray from Oklahoma, or any other RB for that matter, mostly because he wasn't a featured back until this year and Oklahoma State is a pass-first offense.

He is a pretty good-sized back who isn't afraid to hit someone, and he has good to average speed. The Hawks don't necessarily need a RB with the emergence of Justin Forsett the last few weeks and Julius Jones being the starter, but Jones is not a starting RB who can handle the whole workload.

Jones will not last in Seattle much longer, and Toston would be another steal, especially for such a complete offensive player in the sixth round.

In the seventh round, the Seahawks select...

Brandon Carter OG (6'7" 350 lbs.) from Texas Tech.

Brandon Carter is a mountain of a man, and, obviously after this year, the Seahawks can't have enough OL players.

If you've ever seen any Texas Tech games, Carter is the huge man who wears paint all over his face. He is not one of the top OL in this draft nor will he be the next Hutch. But he does have a lot of talent, and, after playing at Texas Tech, he definitely knows how to protect the pass.

The Seahawks are talking about not re-signing Chris Spencer, which would have to move Max Unger over to his natural position of center, creating an opening at guard. He might struggle for a little while with the scheme blocking the Seahawks use, but his upside is huge, and so is he.

The draft is over and the Seahawks filled a lot of holes in their team and drafted some great talent at those spots. I would just like to note that I see the Seahawks getting a QB—obviously the trade for a third-rounder probably won't happen, but I think the Hawks might trade up to draft a QB. If not, then I think they will sign a young free agent QB or wait another year to see how Hasselbeck does with some protection.

Hopefully, this draft will make Seattle a contender again, while also bringing in the youth needed to succeed in the long term.

Please, Tim Ruskell, don't ruin the Seahawks any more than you already have. Just step down, and allow someone with a brain make the decisions.

The 12th Man will forever be in your debt if you do.


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